Meet the 2010 COS Summer Research Students

Jamison Shabanowitz '12:  E-Recycling at the College

Jamison's summer project dealt with e-waste of all kinds; computers, cell phones, printers, toners, ink cartridges and many others.  Jamison began his project with a two part goal; to improve the College's institutional e-recycling program and to make e-recycling more accesible to students.  Jamison worked with the Office of Procurement and Computer Recycling of Virginia to recycle the 40 percent of the College's computers that are not covered by the Dell contract.  He also established a cell phone, ink cartridge and toner recycling program aimed at students (but faculty and staff can participate as well).  There are two drop-off locations for cell phones, ink catridges and toner at Swem Library and the Tribe Computer Store.  Professor Eric Bradley and Tribe Computer Store employee Rebecca Bliley served as project advisors.

Read Jamison's final report (pdf)

Alexandra Volpert '11:  Nutrient Loading in Lake Matoaka

Under the guidance of Professors Randy Chambers (Biology) and Jianjun Tian (Mathematics), Alexandra  assessed data on nutrient sources to Lake Matoaka and developed a proposal for controls and direct actions to improve water quality.  Control of nutrients entering Lake Matoaka is an important issue for restoring water quality and reducing overgrowth by algae. 

Read Alexandra's final report (pdf)

Jane Gray Morris '13:  Community Gardens

Jane spent her summer working to make the campus gardens behind the Commons Cafeteria a beautiful, productive area where the W&M community could relax and enjoy nature.  Before Jane's project, the gardens were overgrown with weeds and not very inviting to passersby.  Over the course of the summer, Jane cleared out the weeds, built a series of raised beds and amended them with compost, and planted a variety of different vegetables which were donated to the W&M student group Campus Kitchens, which cooks meals for low-income families.  Jane also hosted several pre-school groups who came to learn about sustainable gardening.  Jane worked with Bioloy Professor Eric Engstrom.

Read Jane's final report (pdf)

Amanda Anderson '11:  Green Roof Pilot Study

Amanda Anderson worked with Professor Randy Chambers to continue the Green Roof Pilot Study begun in 2009.  Amanda collected data to study the efficacy of various green roof designs.  She also analyed their ability to control building temperatures and reduce stormwater and nutrient runoff.  Amanda's work has practical implications for campus as W&M may decide to incorporate a Green Roof as part of the EcoVillage project that is currently underway.

Read Amanda's final report (pdf)

Max Cunningham '13:  A Comprehensive Transportation Plan for the College

Max worked with Biology Professor John Swaddle to develop a green transportation plan for the College.  Max used data from a transportation survey of the student body done in Spring 2010 to guide his project.  He was instrumental in brining ZipCar to campus, in creating a Sustainable Transportation channel on MyWM featuring Google Transit and in revamping the College's carpooling program.  Max worked closely with W&M Parking Services to implement these significant changes to the campus transportation system.

Read Max's final report (pdf)