Eligibility and the Application Process

1. How much money will be put aside each semester/year?

COS will set aside $3,000 per year from the Green Fees to support conference funding. If all of the money is not disbursed, it will revert back to Green Fees at the end of the school year to support other projects.

2. Who will be eligible to receive funds?

All students (including graduate, law and VIMS students) are eligible to apply for COS funding for conferences, but preference will be given to members of COS working groups or the Steering Committee.  Students may only receive funding once per academic year.

3. What is the application process?

COS will accept conference funding applications on a rolling basis--first come, first served. The applicant must submit a completed application, conference registration form and Travel Authorization Form one month prior to the conference date, though students may submit applications before the month deadlines. There will be no retroactive funding, and applications received less than one month prior to the conference date will not be accepted.  Applicants will be notified of awards within one week of submitting an application.