Science and Technical Advisory Subcommittee

The Science and Technical Advisory Subcommittee (STAC) is the primary assessment and monitoring arm of COS.  STAC is responsible for developing an ecosystem plan that defines the College’s ecosystem to be studied and managed, the current state of that ecosystem, and appropriate assessment methodologies.  STAC is co-chaired by Professor of Biology Dan Cristol and graduate student Chris Anderson [[e|cbanderson01]]

The Carbon Offset Working Group is lead by student Meghan Frere '17 and Eileen Nakahata '17

William & Mary offers a unique carbon offset program where 100% of funds go towards energy reducing projects on our historic campus. Carbon offset programs allow people to counteract their carbon footprint by donating to projects that reduce CO2 emissions. For more information, check out their webpage.  

The Greenhouse Gas Working Group is lead by Professor Dennis Taylor and students Ellen Chinn and Josh Panganiban

This pair is responsible for conducting an annual greenhouse gas inventory comparing how Greenhouse Gas Emissions at William and Mary compare to other universities. 

The Storm Water Management Working Group is lead by Professor Randy Chambers

This group is responsible for monitoring stormwater runoff on campus and making recommendations to control runoff and improve the condition of waterways on campus.