Programs and Education Subcommittee

The Programs and Education Subcommittee (PEDS) is the primary educational arm of COS. PEDS is responsible for evaluating and making recommendations to the Steering Committee on integrating academic programs, student body, and staff into the effort to promote a sustainable campus.  PEDS is co-chaired by Professor of History Andy Fisher and student Jessica Evans '16  [[e|jcevans03]]. 

The COS Celebrates Working Group is lead by student Aiyana Bodi '16 [[e|albodi]]

This enthusiastic outreach group chooses one relevant sustainability topic per month to recognize through educational games and activities on the Sadler Terrace.  

The Sustainability Summit Working Group is lead by student Anna Klompen '17 [[e|amklompen]]

The Sustainability Summit takes place every fall and is an opportunity for the William and Mary community to gather and learn around the topic of sustainability. The two main goals of the Summit are to create a space where those already active in sustainability can meet and coordinate as well as to give others a chance to participate. Historically the format has been a half day program of panel discussions and breakout sessions that include breakfast and lunch. Admission is free. 

The Earth Week Working Group is led by student Shannon Henris '16 [[srhenris]] 

Earth Week takes place in April the week prior or the week of Earth Day and is 7 whirl wind days of activities, speakers, movies, events, games, exhibits, and more, all capped off with an Earth Day Festival that Saturday! The planning of this event starts in the fall and provides the opportunity for collaboration with many student, faculty, and staff, as well as community members.  

The Tribe Truck Farm Working Group is lead by students Anna Kenan [[e|ackenan]] and Vincenza Montante '17 [[e|vhmontante]]

You might have seen this truck parked in various locations on campus! The Tribe Truck Farm is a biodiesel truck with a garden in the bed that was funded by both a kickstarter campaign and Green Fees in 2013. This outreach group visits local schools, daycares, and more, spreading the word about gardening, biodiesel, and other sustainability topics with a set of interactive lessons.