Program and Education Subcommittee

The Programs and Education Subcommittee (PEDS) is the primary educational arm of COS. PEDS is responsible for evaluating and making recommendations to the Steering Committee on integrating academic programs, student body, and staff into the effort to promote a sustainable campus.  PEDS is co-chaired by Professor of History Andy Fisher and student Natalie Hurd '16  [[e|nlhurd]]. For details and updates, like PEDS on Facebook!

The Food Services Working Group is...     
  • ...responsible for monitoring sustainable practices in Dining Services and developing programs for educating Dining Services staff about sustainable practices.
  • ...planning projects for 2014-2015:  Caring for the Campus Gardens, organizing volunteer days at local farms, planning speaker and movie events about sustainable food and farming, working with Dining Services to educate the campus about food sustainability.
The Education and Outreach Working Group is...
  • ...responsible for exploring ways to promote non-traditional education programs; assessing the impact of academic programs on campus sustainability; assessing residential life to determine how to enhance student participation in and committment to the COS sustainability program. Look out for fun, educational outreach events held on the Terrace!