William & Mary

Operations Subcomittee

The Operations Subcommittee (OPS) is the primary operations planning arm of COS. OPS is responsible for developing and recommending plans promoting sustainability through physical plant and campus operations.  OPS is co-chaired by Gregg Shipp, the Director of Operations and Maintenance in Facilities Management, and graduate student Samantha Silberstein '16 [[e|smsilberstein]]

For monthly OPS meetings check out the Sustainability calendar on William & Mary Events! 

The Carbon Offset Working Group is lead by student Meghan Frere '16

William & Mary offers a unique carbon offset program where 100% of funds go towards energy reducing projects on our historic campus. Carbon offset programs allow people to counteract their carbon footprint by donating to projects that reduce CO2 emissions.

The Recycling and Solid Waste Management Working Group is lead by Sustainability Intern Jason Zhang '18

This group is responsible for evaluating the recycling and solid waste programs, including collection frequency and placement of collection bins; also responsible for brainstorming ways to increase recycling and reuse on campus. 

The EcoHouse Working Group is lead by students Nathalie Moore and Dakota Hunter

The EcoHouse dorm is working with COS to put the 'Eco' back in its name! This group is exploring ways that they can maximize their sustainable lifestyle on campus and especially in their dorm. 

The DormMania Working Group is lead by student Jaya Uppal

DormMania collects dorm items in the spring and sell it yard sale style during fall move-in to divert these items from the landfill. This extremely successful group has kept thousands of pounds of items from becoming trash!

Student & Employee Commute Modal Split Working Group

William & Mary is currently collecting sustainability data using the AASHE STARS framework and this working group is responsible for determining how students and employees commute to work, whether that be by car, bike, or pure pedestrian power.