Operations Subcomittee

The Operations Subcommittee (OPS) is the primary operations planning arm of COS. OPS is responsible for developing and recommending a financial and operations plan for promoting sustainability.  OPS is co-chaired by Bob Avalle, the Director of Operations and Maintenance in Facilities Management, and Zander Pellegrino '15.

The Energy Working Group is...
  • ...responsible for evaluating current plant infrastructure and energy use, for recommending ways to reduce energy use, and promoting a green and sustainable campus.
  • ...planning projects for 2013-2014: Presenting energy data to the College community, comparing energy data to other universities, promoting energy efficiency through internal building projects.
  • ...lead by Dan Patterson | Associate Director for Utilities in Facilities Management |757-221-1754 | [[dppatt]]


The Recycling and Solid Waste Management Working Group is...
  • ...responsible for evaluating the recycling and solid waste programs, including collection frequency and placement of collection bins; also responsible for brainstorming ways to increase recycling and reuse on campus.
  • ...planning projects for 2012-2013:  Planning events like Campus Clean-up Day and Hazardous and Electronic Waste Collection Day, Creating an orientation program about recycling, participating in America Recycles Day and Recyclemania, finding ways to recycle non-traditional items.
  • ...lead by Bob Avalle | Director of Operations and Maintenance in Facilities Management | 757-221-1205 | [[rjavalle]]