Student Life

Student Life is in charge of creating programming initiatives for W&M Students, ranging from community service to environmental issues and beyond. We are dedicated to providing fun and engaging activities for the W&M community, including events such as Busch Gardens Day and King & Queen Ball. 
Secretary: Sydney Moondra
Chair: Mitchell Croom

Undersecretary: Stuart Jones, Carolyn Calder, Shree Patel, Samantha Braver, Mia Chand

Senators: Emily Thomas '17, E'Driana Berry '17, Gaela Normile '17, Alaina Shreves '18, Colleen Heberle '18, Danny O'Dea '18, Johah Yesowitz '19, Alexis Payne '19, Shannon Dutchie '19, Amy Domiano, Noah Ferris '20, Ellie Thomas '20