Public Affairs

The Public Affairs Department is responsible for advocating for student interests at various levels of government.  The department works with the Williamsburg City government on student housing and town-gown issues.  We help to organize the William & Mary Road to Richmond event in the spring, and register voters in the fall.  We cover a number of other issues as well, and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

Meet the Public Affairs Branch:

Secretary: Jakob Stalnaker

Undersecretaries: Taylor Brooks, Greg Akerman

Chair: Sikander Zakrira

Senators: Daniel Sequeira '17, Colleen Heberle '18, Brendan Boylan '19, Sikander Zakrira '19, Cedric Harris, Sarah MacPhee '20, Clare DeBaldo '20

Landlord Information

Looking for off-campus housing? Check this website first to learn about your potential landlord!