Meet the Members

Assembly Directory

The Staff Assembly consists of 24 members elected by the staff of the university. All 24 Assembly members represent William & Mary as a whole; members do not represent departments, units or other staff constituencies. 

Each Assembly member's term will begin May 1 and last for two years. During this first year of operation, twelve members were elected at random as having a one-year term, such that terms will be staggered to permit election of approximately one-half of the Staff Assembly each year.

2017-2018 Executive Board:

President: Jennifer Fox, National Institute of American History & Democracy
Vice President: Cynthia Flannery, Arts & Sciences Dean's Office
Treasurer: Ghana Smith, Financial Operations
Secretary: Elizabeth Luna, Swem Library

2017-2018 Directory:
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Dandridge, Monique
Administrative Coordinator, University Advancement
Email: [[mddandridge]]
Phone: (757) 221-2058

Elliott 250x250

Elliott, Destiny
Finance Manager, Psychology Department
Email: [[ddelli]]
Phone: 757-221-3871

Cynthia Flannery

Flannery, Cynthia
Executive Administrative Assistant, A&S Dean's Office
Email: [[cbflannery]]
Phone: (757) 221-2465

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Fors, Lynne
Preservation Library Specialist, Swem Library
Email: [[ldfors]]
Phone: (757) 221-1698

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Fox, Jennifer
Program and Administrative Coordinator, National Institute of American History & Democracy
Email: [[jcfox]]
Phone: (757) 221-7652

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Mason, Angela
Human Resource Assistant, Human Resources
Email: [[aomason]]
Phone: (757) 221-3138

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Orr, Nancy
Administrative Assistant, Faculty & Academic Support Center, Law School
Email: [[nmorr]]
Phone: (757) 221-2417

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Payne, Melissa
Visual & Graphic Designer, University Web & Design
Email: [[mapayne]]
Phone: (757) 221-6447

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Rawlings, Bobbi
Electronic Access Control Tech, Facilities Management
Email: [[borawl]]
Phone: (757) 221-7835

Claudia Smith

Smith, Claudia
Administrative Coordinator, Chemistry Dept.
Email: [[csmith01]]
Phone: (757) 221-2540

Smith, Ghana
Assistant Payroll Manager, Financial Operations
Office: Williamsburg Professional Centre
Email: [[gtsmith]]
Office Phone: (757) 221-2843
Fax: (757) 221-2846

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Spencer, Venus
Office Manager, Kinesiology and Health Sciences Dept.
Email: [[vmspen]]
Phone: (757) 221-2759

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Tang, Krystal
Circulation Assistant, Swem Library
Email: [[kctang]]
Phone: (757) 221-3111