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Assembly Directory

The Staff Assembly consists of 24 members elected by the staff of the university (an approximate ratio of one voting member per 50 members of the staff). All 24 Assembly members represent William & Mary as a whole; members do not represent departments, units or other staff constituencies. 

Each Assembly member's term will begin May 1 and last for two years. During this first year of operation, twelve members were elected at random as having a one-year term, such that terms will be staggered to permit election of approximately one-half of the Staff Assembly each year.

Standard File

Baldwin, Kathy
Senior Programmer/Analyst, Information Technology
Office: Hugh Jones Hall 321
Email: [[kmbaldwin]]
Phone: 757 221 7602

Beker, Tiffany Broadbent
Web Developer and Social Media Coordinator, University Communications
Office: Discovery 2, room 141A
Email: [[tlbroa]]
Phone: (757) 221-3426
Twitter: {{http://twitter.com/tb623, @tb623}}

Bristow, William
Maintenance Team Supervisor, Facilities Management
Email: [[wmbristow]]
Phone: 757-221-2276

Chappell, Logan
Fiscal Manager, Music Department
Phone: 757-221-1071
Email: [[tlchappell]]

Cheesman, Susan
Administrative IT Liaison, Sponsored Programs
Email: [[sjchee]]
Phone: 757-221-2015

Crowder, Allen
Turf Equipment Specialist, Facilities Management
Email: [[acrowder]]
Phone: 757-221-1381

Gaultney, Lea
Technology Support Specialist, Information Technology
Office: Hugh Jones Hall
Email: [[lea]]
Phone: 757 221 4357

Givens, Lachelle
Custodial Services, Facilities Management
Email: [[lagivens]]
Phone: 757-221-2141

Ania Baltes

Leska, Ania
Program Administrative Manager, Institute for the Theory and Practice of International Relations
Office: 427 Scotland Street
Phone: 757-221-1441
Email: [[albaltes]]

Luna, Elizabeth
Reserves Supervisor, Swem Library
Email: [[ehluna]]
Phone: 757-221-3075

Mayton, Penny
Parking & Transportation Assistant Manager, Parking Services
Email: [[pmmayt]]
Phone: 757-221-2131

Montalvo, Eric
HVAC Preventative Maint. Coordinator, Facilities Management
Email: [[exmont]]
Phone: 757-221-2503

Morales, David
Head of Circulation, Swem Library
Email: [[dnmora]]
Phone: 757-221-3058

Morrison, Margaret
Administrative Assistant, Compliance and Policy
Email: [[mjmorrison]]
Phone: 757-221-3146

Orr, Nancy
Program Support Technican, Office of Faculty & Academic Support, School of Law
Email: [[nmorr]]
Phone: 757-221-2417


Pelata, Debbrah
Business Manager, VIMS Aquaculture Genetics and Breeding Technology Center
Email: [[dapela]]
Phone: 804-684-7711

Vance, Simonne
Payroll Manager, Financial Operations
Office: Williamsburg Professional Centre
Email: [[smvance]]
Office Phone: (757) 221-2844
Fax: (757) 221-2846

Jesse Windley

Windley, Jesse
Web Communications Manager, University Communications
Office: Discovery 2, room 128
Email: [[jwindley]]
Phone: (757) 221-7635
Twitter: {{http://twitter.com/jwindley, @jwindley}}


Zoll, Dave
Procurement Processes Specialist, Procurement
Phone: 757-221-3953
Fax: 757-221-3959
Email: [[djzoll]]
Responsibilities: Managing the small purchase charge card (SPCC) program and assists with eVA, Banner, and supplier diversity