William and Mary

Charles Center Summer 2013 Scholarship Recipients

The following students have been selected by Charles Center committees for summer funding. The decisions of the committees are final, and there are no waitlists. Recipients will receive award letters via email in the next few days

Please note that recipients in any category who have also submitted an Honors Fellowship application will have their award money applied to their Honors Fellowship funds. Honors Fellows may receive a maximum of $6000.

Chappell Fellowships - $3000 award

Christy Craig Natalie Hudson-Smith
Karl Adryan Flores Jackson Peterson
Robyn Garratt Sara Soueidan
Christopher Godschalk Ashby Sturgis
Allison Grady Isaiah Thomas
Jamie Harris






Charles Center Scholarships (including Biomath, Charles Center Domestic & International, Christian-Ewell, Christopher Wren, Cummings, Harriet Mayer Fulbright, James Reilly, Lemon Project, WMSURE) - $3000 award

Marc Breidenbaugh Catherine Mitchell
Kimberly Chaney Emma McGregor
Robin Crigler Minu Nagashunmugam
Elizabeth Denny Veronica Nagle
Jake Douglas Lindsay Neimo
Marilyn Dyess Yusheng Qin
Crosby Enright Kelsey Renoll
Jennifer Fay Emma Rodvien
Taylor Feenstra Martin Salgado-Flores
Therese Franco Matthew Schafer
Jamesha Gibson Lillian Singer
Sarah Gilliand Jacob Sprang
Philip Goodling John Stella
Tanisha Ingram  Jordan Sutlive
HaRam Kim Molly Teague
Dylan Kolhoff  Zoe Trout
Blina Kruja Ryan Tyler
Casey Lardner Sarah Volz
Lucas Leblanc Danielle Weber
Alpha Mansaray Sara Williams
Robert Marty James Woods
Matthew Mendonca Anthony Wright
Catherine Merritt Jiaqi Zong
Xiuyuan Mi
Jack Middough

Honors Fellowships - $6000 award ($4000 summer award for Fellow, $1000 research fund for the Honors advisor, $1000 research fund for the Fellow)

Rory Sullivan Jaclyn McKenna Lindsey Neimo Hannah Bartram Catherine Mitchell Katherine Barlow Dylan Kolhoff
Bryan Casey Robin Crigler Elizabeth Pelletier Jeffrey Rohde Kathrynlynn Jenkins Natalie Wong Rob Marty
Elizabeth Wolfe Jamie Chen John Mulhall Mitch Caudill Rachel Brooks Catherine King Margaret Schwenzfeier
Kimberly Chaney Dwight Weingarten Catherine Brahe Sharon Hartzell Danielle Weber Taylor Charest Jacob Sprang
Jake Douglas Emily Bainwol Rachel Taverner Elizabeth Denny Will Smith Deborah Wood Gannon Connor
Croby Enright Wendy Herbst Christina Moore Amy Schaffman Jordan Sutlive Colleen Betti Taylor Feenstra

Kraemer Scholarships - $2500 award

  • Isabel Bush
  • Rory Sullivan 

Llanso-Sherman Scholarship - $3000 award

  • Selected by Chemistry, TBA 

Virginia Crouch Scholarship - $1000 award

  • Gus  Tate

Catron Scholarship

  • Kate Fleming
  • Aditi Gadre
  • Colleen Swingle
  • Christian Weber
  • Laura Manzano
  • Katie Wood