Fulbright Scholars

W&M students offered Fulbright awards, 2016-17
  • Sagra Alvarado, English Teaching Assistantship to Italy
  • Shannon Callinan, English Teaching Assistantship to Russia
  • Beatrice Chessman, English Teaching Assistantship to Germany
  • Annie Curran, Academic Grant to Ireland
  • Claire Etheridge, English Teaching Assistantship to Germany (declined)
  • Ryan Feeney, English Teaching Assistantship to South Africa
  • Clay Harris, English Teaching Assistantship to Spain
  • Constance Hull, Academic Grant to India
  • Natasha King, English Teaching Assistantship to Thailand
  • Shaina Salman, Fulbright-Clinton Public Policy Fellowship to Ivory Coast
W&M students offered Fulbright awards, 2015-16
  • Matthew Noah Baker - English Teaching Assistantship to Taiwan
  • Elisabeth Bloxam - English Teaching Assistantship to Luxembourg
  • Francine Cilke - English Teaching Assistantship to India
  • Daniel Falloon - English Teaching Assistantship to Russia
  • Logan Ferrell - English Teaching Assistantship to Russia
  • Rebecca Fulp-Eickstaedt - English Teaching Assistantship to Malaysia
  • Alexandra Hartley - English Teaching Assistantship to Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Bradley Spence Jones - Academic Grant to India: Gendering Public Health Inequities: Discrimination, Stigma, and the Access Gap
  • Elisabeth Laird - English Teaching Assistantship to Germany
  • Isra Nikoolkan - English Teaching Assistantship to South Korea (declined)
  • Elizabeth Pelletier - Academic Grant to Canada: School Funding Equity in the United States and Canada: A Comparative Study
  • Kelsey Renoll - English Teaching Assistantship to South Korea
  • Danielle Tassara - Academic Grant to South Korea: The Impact of South Korean Christian Communities on Identity Politics
  • Wilhelmina van den Berg - English Teaching Assistantship to Bulgaria
  • Elsa Voytas - English Teaching Assistantship to Turkey (declined)
W&M students offered Fulbright awards, 2014-15
  • Andrew Anderson - Academic Grant to the Netherlands: The Democratization of Islamic Knowledge
  • Phoebe Benich - English Teaching Assistantship to Taiwan
  • Rachel Brooks - English Teaching Assistantship to South Korea
  • Mirva Johnson - English Teaching Assistantship to the Czech Republic (declined)
  • Maryam Kanna - English Teaching Assistantship to Turkey (declined)
  • Kathryn McLane - Academic Grant to the United Kingdom: Dancing for Change: How Youth and Community Dance in England Promote Social Cohesion
  • Addy Schafer - English Teaching Assistantship to Malaysia
  • Deborah Wood - English Teaching Assistantship to South Korea
W&M students offered Fulbright awards, 2013-14
  • Sophie Berman - English Teaching Assistantship to Colombia
  • Chris Engebretson - English Teaching Assistantship to Indonesia
  • Brett Evans - Academic Grant to the United Kingdom: MA in Classical Reception at the University of Bristol
  • Angela Hales - English Teaching Assistantship to Luxembourg (declined)
  • Libby Hennemuth - English Teaching Assistantship to Germany
  • Morrison Mast '12 - Academic Grant to Panama: Laying Foundations for Sea Turtle Research and Conservation in Armila, Kuna Yala
  • Alex McGrath - English Teaching Assistantship to Russia
  • Dana McKelvey - English Teaching Assistantship to Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Kristine Mosuela - English Teaching Assistantship to Mongolia
  • Dylan Murray - Academic Grant to Brazil: Environmental and Economic Impacts of Amazonian Payment for Ecosystem Services Programs
  • Emma Paynter - English Teaching Assistantship to Germany
  • Judson Peverall - English Teaching Assistanship to Germany
  • Michelle Repper - Academic Grant to India: Amrita Sher-Gil and the Search for an Indian Identity 
  • Mariel Tavakoli - English Teaching Assistantship to the Czech Republic
  • Kyra Zemanick - English Teaching Assistantship to Norway
W&M Fulbright Students abroad, 2012-2013
  • Elizabeth Allen - Academic Grant to the United Kingdom: International Health Study Fellowship
  • Monika Bernotas - English Teaching Assistantship to Belarus
  • Grace Brennan - English Teaching Assistantship to Germany
  • Sara Caudill - English Teaching Assistantship to South Korea
  • Caroline Kaine - English Teaching Assistantship to Russia
  • Sarah Mellman - English Teaching Assistantship to Brazil
  • Benjamin Norris - Academic Grant to Finland: The City as Aesthetic Text: Cultural Representations of Finland's Urbanization
  • James O'Leary - English Teaching Assistantship to Kazakhstan 
  • Leksa Pravdic - English Teaching Assistantship to Serbia
  • Sarah Salino - English Teaching Assistantship to Germany 
W&M Fulbright Students abroad, 2011-2012
  • Christopher Adams - Academic Grant to China: Publications of the Commercial Press
  • Aileen Aylward - English Teaching Assistantship to Austria
  • Aaron Branch - English Teaching Assistantship to South Korea
  • Paolo Busante - English Teaching Assistantship to Portugal
  • Laura Evers - English Teaching Assistantship to Romania
  • Amanda Goodman - English Teaching Assistantship to Norway
  • Meredith Howard - English Teaching Assistantship to SouthKorea
  • Monica LoBue - English Teaching Assistantship to Germany
  • John Pothen - Academic Grant to India: Utilizing Community Capacity to Sustainably Identify and Address Health Concerns
  • Michael Tsidulko - English Teaching Assistantship to Bulgaria
  • Julia Zamecnik - English Teaching Assistantship to Turkey
W&M Fulbright Students abroad, 2010-2011
  • Katelyn Andell - English Teaching Assistantship to Germany
  • Vivian Appler - Academic Grant to Switzerland: Particle Play
  • Sarah Argodale English Teaching Assistantship to Russia
  • Christopher Consolino - Academic Grant to Germany: The Frakturstreit and Politics of 19th Century German Print Culture
  • Guy Evans - Academic Grant to Morocco
  • Peter Giannino - English Teaching Assistantship to Germany
  • John Palenski - English Teaching Assistantship to Germany
  • Ed Pompeian - Academic Grant to Venezuela: Freedom and Free Trade: U.S.-Spanish American Relations in Venezuela, 1790-1823
  • Ariel Shah - English Teaching Assistantship to Taiwan
  • Julia Smart - English Teaching Assistantship to Poland
  • Katherine Sumner - English Teaching Assistantship to Germany
  • Jessica Torrens-Spence - Academic Grant to India: Ecosystem-Based Adaptation to Climate Chnge Impacts in North-Central India
  • Laure Tourtellotte - English Teaching Assistantship to Russia
W&M Fulbright Students abroad, 2009-2010
  • Michael Blaakman - English Teaching Assistantship to Slovenia
  • Reina Chamberlain - Academic Grant to the Dominican Republic: Resource Mothers: Education for Change in the Dominican Republic
  • Irène Mathieu - Academic Grant to the Dominican Republic: Mainstreaming or Marginalizing? Gender and Public Health in the Domincan Republic
  • Liz Owerbach - English Teaching Assistantship to Russia
  • Ashley Pinney - English Teaching Assistantship to South Korea
  • Dustin Smith - English Teaching Assistantship to Germany
  • Joanna Stephens - Academic Grant to the Ivory Coast: Motherhood in the Era ot HIV/AIDS: Safe Infant-Feeding Practices in the Côte d'Ivoire
  • Bryan Terrill - English Teaching Assistantship to Russia
W&M Fulbright Students abroad, 2008-2009
  • Gregory Cooper - Academic Grant to Switzerland: Impact and Legal Strategies of the International Center for Asset Recovery
  • Naomi Dreyer - English Teaching Assistantship to Germany
  • Ariel Hunsberger - English Teaching Assistantship to Andorra
  • Robert Landicho - Academic Grant to Jordan: Foreign Aid Allocation in Institutional Perspective
  • Olivia Lucas - English Teaching Assistantship to Germany
  • Marianne McLaughlin - English Teaching Assistantship to Chile
  • Christopher Piper - Academic Grant to Kazakhstan: Balancing Religious Freedom and Security in Kazakhstan
  • Victoria Ryan - English Teaching Assistantship to Mexico
  • Michelle Treseler - Academic Grant to Canada: Curbing the Chronic Disease Epidemic: Alberta Health Promotion Programs
W&M Fulbright Students abroad, 2007-2008
  • Chuck Abbott - English Teaching Assistantship to Argentina
  • Amy Benoit - English Teaching Assistantship to Germany
  • Will Dolive - English Teaching Assistantship to Poland
  • Aisa Martinez '06 - Academic Grant to Oman: Activities of the Oman Women's Association in the Omani Rural Interior
  • Neah Monteiro - English Teaching Assistantship to Romania
  • Amanda Norris - English Teaching Assistantship to Germany
  • Jean Rose - English Teaching Assistantship to Taiwan
  • Hakan Seyalioglu - Academic Grant to Hungary: Promoting Cross-Cultural Interchange Through Mathematics
  • Laura Smith - Academic Grant to Spain: From the Maghreb to Madrid: Musical Connections Across the Mediterranean
  • Catherine Williams - English Teaching Assistantship to Indonesia
  • Helen Wong - Academic Grant to Hong Kong: Defending Women's Rights: Why Chinese Culture Discriminates Against Sex Workers
W&M Fulbright Students abroad, 2006-2007
  • Trevor Dreyfus, Academic Grant to Ecuador: The Dollarization's Effects on the Andean Highland Region
  • Amina Egal, Academic Grant to Senegal: HIV/AIDS, Food Security, and Livelihood in Senegal
  • Jason Ferguson '05, Academic Grant to Senegal: Same-sex Male Prostitution and Tourism Prostitution
  • Alex Gochenour, Academic Grant to China: Modernity, Identity, and Minority in Guizhou
  • Sarah Kolbe, Academic Grant to Denmark: Brachiopod Morphological Variability During Extinction Events
  • Amy Kuenker, English Teaching Assistantship to Germany
  • Amy Palesko, Academic Grant to Japan: Cost Impact of Lead-free Electronics
  • Robert Pitts, Academic Grant to Zimbabwe: Group B Streptococcus Infection
  • Catherine Reynolds, English Teaching Assistantship to Germany
  • Amy Rossnagel, Avademic Grant to Sweden
  • Jacob Shier, English Teaching Assistantship to Russia
W&M Fulbright Students abroad, 2005-2006
  • Bennett Baldwin, English Teaching Assistantship to Korea
  • Jenny Lee Bristow, English Teaching Assistantship to Argentina
  • Stephanie Insley '04 - Academic Grant to the Netherlands: Authority and Influence in the Novels of Cees Nooteboom
  • Rebecca Kallem '03 - English Teaching Assistantship to Spain
  • Jamie Quiroz - English Teaching Assistantship to Indonesia
  • Kate Pierce-McManamon - Academic Grant to Germany: Historical Preservation Law: Dresden's Frauenkirche as a Legal and Historical Problem
  • Julie Riemer - English Teaching Assistantship to France
  • Alana Seifts - English Teaching Assistantship to Germany
W&M Fulbright Students abroad, 2004-2005
  • Meg Blome - Academic Grant to Jordan: Arabic Language and Culture Immersion
  • Linda Broughton - English Teaching Assistantship to Korea
  • Sarah Cramsey - Academic Grant to the Czech Republic: History of the Monument to the Victims of Nazi Fascism
  • Christina Sheetz - Academic Grant to Jordan: Conflict Resolution and the Development of Democracy
W&M Fulbright Students abroad, 2003-2004
  • Houtan Bastani - Academic Grant to Italy: Immigration to Italy: Fiscal Burden or Relief?
  • Mary Claypool - English Teaching Assistantship to France
  • Jeff Imrich - Academic Grant to Taiwan
  • Jessica Telthorster - English Teaching Assistantship to Germany
  • Megan Williams - English Teaching Assistantship to France
W&M Fulbright Students abroad, 2002-2003
  • Marc Landry - Academic Grant to Austria: The Tiroler Kaiserjaegr
  • Jay Miller - Academic Grant to Germany: Causality and the Thing in Itself
  • Lauren Nelson - English Teaching Assistantship to Germany
  • Alexa Poletto - Academic Grant to Syria: Women in Journalism under the Ba'th Regime
  • Dan Yi - Academic Grant to Kenya: Metaphysics in Motion: The Role of Metaphysical / Religious Beliefs in Kenyan Distance Running
W&M Fulbright Students abroad, 2001-2002
  • Anne Coleman - Academic Grant to Belgium: Transparency within the European Commission
  • Laura Fisher - English Teaching Assistantship to France
  • Laurie Schroeder - English Teaching Assistantship to France
  • Becky Waltenberger - Academic Grant to Israel: The Herodian Temple and the Hellenization of Second Temple Judaism
W&M Fulbright Students abroad, 2000-2001
  • Jessica Kehayes - English Teaching Assistantship to Korea
  • Emily Knight - English Teaching Assistantship to Germany
W&M Fulbright Students abroad, 1999-2000
  • Mary Brown - Academic Grant to South Africa: South Africa and Its Wine Industry
  • Andrew Evans - Academic Grantg to Taiwan: Study of Mandarin Chinese
  • Steve Moore - Academic Grant to Canada: Canadians, Americans, and Prohibition in the Pacific Northwest
  • Andrew Zawacki '94 - Academic Grant to Australia: Plight of the Poet in the Age of God's Default
W&M Fulbright Students abroad, 1998-1999
  • Kenna Mills - Academic Grant to Chile: Developing a Molecular Biology Curriculum and Teacher Training Program in Chile
W&M Fulbright Students abroad, 1997-1998
  • Brian Henry '94 - Academic Grant to Australia
  • Cybelle McFadden - Academic Grant to Belgium: Chantal Akerman: Reconstructing Women's Fragmented Identity in Cinema
  • Erica Weitzman - English Teaching Assistantship to France
  • Christian Wright - Academic Grant to Brazil: The Dynamics of Race and Class Relations in Afro-Brazilian Terreiros
W&M Fulbright Students abroad, 1996-1997
  • Rachel MacCleery - English Teaching Assistantship to Taiwan: Intensive Chinese Study
  • Allison Tuthill - Academic Grant to Germany: The Development of Female Characters in the Seven Editions of the Grimm Brothers Tales
  • Brian Waniewski - Academic Grant to Germany: A Representation of the Homosexual Emancipation Movement in Germany, 1920-1950
W&M Fulbright Students abroad, 1995-1996
  • Courtney Brkic - Academic Grant to Croatia: Rape as Genocide: A Sociological Project on Refugee Women in Zagreb
  • Melanie Morrow - Academic Grant to Colombia: Cultural Practices and the Spread of Urban Rabies in Bogotá
  • Fred Swanson - Academic Grant to Germany: Unification and the Jewish Community of Berlin: An Ambiguous History
  • Anne Turner '93 - Academic Grant to the United Kingdom: Shakespeare and the Dynamics of Race
W&M Fulbright Students abroad, 1994-1995
  • Todd Davidson '91 - Academic Grant to Sri Lanka
  • Claire Ehmann - Academic Grant to Burkina Faso: African Cinema and Its Social Relevance
W&M Fulbright Students abroad, 1993-1994
  • Anne Barrett - Academic Grant to New Zealand: Comparative Study of the Respective Health Systems of New Zealand and the US
  • Matthew Corey - Academic Grant to Uruguay: Paradox of the Tupamaros as a Socially Revolutionary Movement Springing from the Middle Class
  • Eileen Lintz - English Teaching Assistantship to Germany
W&M Fulbright Students abroad, 1992-1993
  • Hugh Conroy, Jr. - Academic Grant to Japan: Network Production Strategies: The Most Recent Economic Revolution
  • Jacques Herman - Academic Grant to Romania: Role and Function of International Organizations in Romania in Restructuringg and Market Reform
W&M Fulbright Students abroad, 1991-1992
  • Richard Keyser - Academic Grant to France: Change in the Local Economiy of the Diocese of Troyes from the Late 12th to the mid 14th Centuries
  • David Kulp - Academic Grant to New Zealand: Study of Computer Modelling of Environmental Effects
  • Julie Richardson - Academic Grant to Singaport: Historical Development of Singaport and the Batam Initiative
W&M Fulbright Students abroad, 1989-1990
  • Karen Burrell - Academic Grant to West Germany
W&M Fulbright Students abroad, 1986-1987
  • Rebecca Browning - Academic Grant to West Germany
W&M Fulbright Students abroad, 1983-1984
  • John Koegl - Academic Grant to West Germany
W&M Fulbright Students abroad, 1983-1984
  • Christine Grebey - Academic Grant to the Netherlands Antilles
W&M Fulbright Students abroad, 1981-1982
  • Susan Martin - Academic Grant to West Germany
W&M Fulbright Students abroad, 1977-1978
  • Nancy Mowry - Academic Grant to West Germany
W&M Fulbright Students abroad, 1973-1974
  • Viola Osborne - Academic Grant to Germany
  • David Shields - Academic Grant to Ireland