Catron Scholarship Recipients

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The Catron Scholarships are intended to support the artistic growth of talented students in the creative and performing arts through off-campus educational experiences, either at a formal educational institution or through structured practical hands-on exposure, in the United States or abroad, for a summer or a semester.

This fund's purpose is to encourage students to develop as artists through experiences at various off-campus venues that extend beyond the existing William & Mary curriculum and departmental programs. To that end, the Fund will support off-campus activities that are instrumental in helping students enhance their artistic capabilities through academic or studio classes, structured hands-on experiences, or a combination of the two.

Below are examples of the work done by this past year's recipients of the Catron Scholarships.  The first annual Catron Scholars Exhibition and Reception will be on Tuesday, November 5th, 2013 from 5pm-7pm in the Andrews Hall Gallery.

The Scholarship RecipientsCatron Scholars Exhibition Invitation


Aditi Gadre  

Christian Weber

Colleen Swingle

Kate Fleming

Katie Wood

Laura Manzano