William and Mary

2010 Summer Scholarship Recipents

The decisions of the selection committees are final.  Awarding of funds is contingent upon the necessary approvals (such as PHSC), when necessary.

Biomath Scholarships
  • Yong Hwan Kim: Evaluating the Role of Microglia-mediated Brain Inflammatory Response in Pathogenesis of Parkinson's Disease Through Computational Modeling
  • Matthew Peppe: Regulation of Calcium Ion diffusion in cells
  • Ruoyan Sun: Global Stability of Multigroup Epidemic Model with Group Mixing and Nonlinear Incidence Rates
Chappell Fellowships

Committee members reviewed 31 applications; recipients listed with their respective advisors in parentheses.

  • Devin Braun (Brent Kaup):  
  • Molly Copeland (David Aday): Communication Structures and Community Health in Cuje, Nicaragua
  • Harry Gao (Qun Li): Online Social Networking
  • Dana Hardbower (Kurt Williamson): The Temporal Dynamics of Bacterial Assemblages in Lake Matoaka
  • Jacob Lassin (Sasha Prokhorov): Oral History of Women Activists in Russia
  • Jennifer Saunders (Neil Norman): Africatown in Mobile, Alabama
  • Aniko Toth (Jonathan Micancin): Southern Cricket Frogs (Acris gryllus) in Virginia: the enigmatic decline continues?
Charles Center International Research Scholarships

Committee members reviewed 54 applications

  • Ishita Ahmed: Efficacies of Education Incentive Interventions in Improving Child Welfare in Bangladesh
  • Brittany Fallon: Toward a Greater Enrichment: The Importance of Natural Context, Stability, and Collaboration in Captive Primate Welfare
  • Benjamin Gullickson: American Investment in China: How Business Culture Affects Market Entry
  • Jennifer Joyce: Hanged Harpers and Incinerated Instruments
  • Morrison Mast: Conservation Ethics in Coastal Communities: A Survey of the Work of TAMAR
  • Khristopher Nguyen
  • Barry O'Keefe: Art and Oral History in Russia
  • Anushya Ramaswamy: South Korean Education
  • Mariangela Schneider: Division between migrants and urbanites in Shahe, Beijing
  • Austin Strange: Energy Policy in China
Charles Center US Research Scholarships

Committee members reviewed 30 applications

  • Anne Armstrong: Testing the consequences of environmentally induced multiples in the sand dollar Echinarachnius parma
  • Amir Arsalan: Conditioned taste aversion following social transmission of food preferences
  • Matthew Badgett: The Function of Proteins in the Development of Germline Stem Cells in Fruit Flies
  • Amber Bruce: The Alternative Splicing of Pax5 and the Immune Response in Spawning Teleost Fish
  • Chelsea Estancona: War on Terrorism
  • Rebeca Garcia: From Buffy to Twilight: an analysis of teen vampire culture over the past decade
  • John Haight: Mechanisms of ingroup-outgroup discrimination
  • Irene Morrison-Moncure: Many Roads to Rome: Investigating the Motivations of Latin Students in the 21st Century
  • Arati Pudasaini: Long-term deficits in hippocampus-dependent learning in animal model of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
  • Nick Wamsley: The authenticity of works attributed to J. Palin Thorley
  • Mason Watson: T. E. Lawrence and the revolution in British military thought, 1918-1939
  • Courtney Wickel: Effects of an invasive aquatic plant, Hydrilla verticillata, on secondary production in the tidal freshwater SAV habitats of the lower Chesapeake Bay estuaries
Chloe Louis Memorial Scholarship
  • Casey Lesser: The Healing of a Nation: Picasso's Guernica in Post-Civil War Spain
Christian-Ewell Scholarship
  • Andrew Squires: The impact of a non-governmental organization on the lives of Peruvian brazil nut harvesters
Christopher Wren Scholarship for Research in the Humanities
  • Mel Sparrow: Cornish Mythic Traditions
Cummings Scholarships

Committee members reviewed 11 applications

  • Kacie Burke: The Effect of Satiety on Infants' Acceptance of Foods
  • Krysten Corzo: Inquiry into the Duration of Infectivity of Bacteriophage in Soil
  • Sarah Son: Flavor-Taste/Flavor-Calorie Conditioning in Children
  • Christopher Sowers: Effect of Adolescent Nicotine Exposure on the Brain: Test of a Hippocampus-As-Circuit Hypothesis for Spatial Navigation
  • Nora Wicks: Avian Community Response to the Human Footprint in Upland and Riparian Habitats
Dintersmith & Honors Fellowships
  • Brent Bickings: Ancient Synagogues as Indicators of the Nature and Extent of Jewish-Gentile Interaction in the Roman Empire
  • Brittney Calloway: Exploring Effective Discipline Strategies for Middle Schools
  • Elena Carey: A Grid of Meaning: The Significance of Zoning in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
  • Amy Clinger: An Ethnography and Exploration of the Social Marginalization and Stigmatization of Unwed Single Mothers in Rabat, Morocco
  • Brian Focarino: The Language of Consumerism: What the Doctrine of Foreign Equivalents tells us about foreign language assumptions in trademark law
  • Meredith Howard: Uncovering Codice L. 3: A Cultural, Legal and Religious Examination of the Zugarramurdi Witch-Hunts, 1609-1612 
  • Dolores Huberts: The genetics and genomics of inter- and intra- population variations in disease rates: a look at the interplay between ancestral continent of origin, sex, genes and differential expression
  • Sam McVane: The Bare Necessities: Ancient Eastern Ascetics in Western Literature
  • Sean Moran: The Paleoecology, Taphonomy, and Depositional Environment of Microvertebrate Accumulations in the Cloverly Formation (Early Cretaceous, WY)
  • Benjamin Norris: An American Troubadour: The Career and Role of Alfred Kreymborg
  • Michael Smith: Haussmann's Political Promenades: A Literary History of the Reconstruction of Paris
  • Jean Paul Wallace: Constructing a classical guitar with interchangable fret-boards 
Grimsley Journalism Fellowship
  • Todd Corillo
Harriett Mayor Fulbright Scholarship
  • Anna Mahalak: Non-violent Communication in Youth Educational Programming
Irwin and Taylor Scholarships for Public Affairs Internships - Application review starts April 23
James B. Reilly Undergraduate Summer Scholarship
  • Stephen Lendway: The impact of the VA restructuring act of 2005 on the financing of higher education in VA
Kraemer Scholarships for Study in the British Isles
  • Steven Linnett - summer study at the London School of Economics and Political Science
Llanso-Sherman Scholarship for Pre-Medical Research
  • Jeffrey Holloman (Oliver Kerscher): Targeting SUMO protease Ulp1 to its substrates
Nathan P. Jacobs Scholarships for Study, Travel, or Research in Israel
  • Brent Bickings: Ancient Synagogues as Indicators of the Nature and Extent of Jewish-Gentile Interaction in the Roman Empire
Schroeder Center Research Fellowships 
  • Ashley Ingram / Melissa McInerney, advisor: An economic study of how macroeconomic conditions differently affect people of different socioeconomic classes
  • Eytan Jankowitz / Daifeng He, advisor: Analyzing changes in Medicare legislation and their impacts
Tang Scholarship
  • Michael Cohen: Tribe-state relations in Iraq from 1991 to 2006
Sharpe Scholarships
  • Evette Becker
  • Lindsey Carver
  • Daniel Hiller
  • Anna Mahalak
  • William Morris
  • Anna Morris
  • Joanna Weeks
Virginia Crouch Memorial Scholarship
  • Caroline Morris