William and Mary

Meet the PSAs!

Brian Comiskey

Brian  I’m Brian Comiskey and I am a senior at The College of William & Mary where I am currently finishing a double-major in International Relations and Latin American Studies.  After working with the Comisión por la Memoria in Argentina and the American Civil Liberties Union, I am greatly concerned about the rights and treatment of prisoners in both US and foreign penitentiary systems.  Despite these internationalist academic and career interests, I take extreme pride in my small town New Hampshire upbringing and I am a die-hard Boston Red Sox fan.  This will be my fourth and final year as a Peer Scholarship Advisor and I sincerely look forward to helping my fellow William & Mary students in their exciting academic endeavors.

Daniel Casey

DanielDaniel C. Casey

Fairfax, Virginia is home

A college senior

Go Manchester City

Dan is a big football fan

The proper football

Happy to help peers'

Scholarship applications

Hark upon the gale 

Greg Collier

GregMy name is Greg Collier and I am a sophomore from Coral Springs, Florida.  My current prospective majors are Public Policy and History, but that may change as time goes on.  This is my second year as a PSA in the Charles Center.  I am looking forward to helping even more people realize where they want to go after William and Mary and how they wish to reflect that dream in their scholarship applications.



Jakob Stalnaker

JakobJakob is a sophomore at the College, double majoring in Mathematics and Government. A native of Warrenton, Virginia, he is extremely proud to be a part of the William and Mary community.  In his spare time he enjoys reading, and watching all Washington sports teams. He is a second-year PSA at the Charles Center and especially enjoys helping his peers achieve their research goals by finding the scholarship that best fits their needs.



Jeff Rohde

JeffHey everyone! My name is Jeff Rohde and I am a senior at the College majoring in International Relations and studying public health and Arabic. I'm originally from Baltimore, MD, but I have found a new home in Williamsburg these past three years. I love to travel and pick up new hobbies--languages, drawing, gardening--you name it I'm open to learning something new! I love serving as a PSA because it affords me the chance to get to know my peers at the College, and to help some of them discover their passion for research, share their experiences in the form of personal statements and grant proposals, and even identify paths to grow and keep learning after graduation that they had never thought of before! Outside of work I'm actively involved with the International Relations Club and the group SOMOS. I look forward to meeting with you soon!


Jen Hartley

 JenJen is a freshman here at the College and she is really excited to be working with all of you as a PSA. She plans on majoring in public policy and psychology for now, but she's also interested in religion and gender studies. Outside of the classroom, Jen loves exploring CW with her friends and participating in the Buddy Ball program.




Johnny Mac Yates

Johnny MacI'm Johnny Mac Yates, a freshman from Richmond Virginia. I hope to major in Business and Government, while fitting in time to keep up studying Russian. I like to run, bike, and swim (though not necessarily while doing those things!) and on a more relaxed level love surfing and playing basketball. Government and politics really excite me, and I am always up for a debate or discussion. I'm looking forward to learning more about the great things William and Mary students are doing and am excited to be with the Charles Center!



Kara Newman

KaraHi! My name is Kara Newman and I'm a freshman from Sterling, Virginia. I'm not completely sure of what I want to study, but I love Spanish, reading, and bananas. I like to spend my free time knitting, volunteering, and napping. I'm so excited to be here at William & Mary, and especially to be working in the Charles Center!




Maddie Delurey

MaddieHey all! My name is Maddie Delurey and I’m a senior English major, concentrating on the Modern period. I’m hoping to go on to work in the publishing industry after I graduate, with hopefully some travel fit in between school and work. Outside the office, I love working on service projects through APO and am currently  doing freelance work for National Geographic Traveler magazine. After three years working in the Charles Center, I know that the students here at William and Mary are always working on something new and exciting. I’m always happy to hear what you’re up to and help you get to the next step.   I hope to see you soon!


Natasha King

NatashaNatasha King is a sophomore who has spent the last few years living in Northern Virginia, but still considers herself to be from New England. This is her second year working at the Charles Center as a PSA. She enjoys essay review, particularly reading the various anecdotes included in said essays. She is also working as an RA this year, and looks forward to incorporating scholarship knowledge into bulletin boards galore. She loves reading, writing, drawing, and cats.



Nate Owen

NateHi, my name is Nate Owen and I’m majoring in both Computer Science and Mathematics. I’m from Virginia Beach VA, and thankful for every short minute that it takes to drive to and from home! I absolutely love working at the PSA office because I get to meet so many wonderful and motivated people that add to what seems like a vortex of hard work and success around here at the office.  Every person that comes in here leaves ready to acheive, and in turn bolsters each of us PSAs to go out, be confident and succeed as well.  I love every minute of it. Along with my PSA duties, I manage the Scholarhsip Central and Monroe Scholar websites and work as a book shelver at Swem Library. I love to go road biking, and in the little free time I have I binge watch a lot of netflix.  Please come by and let me help you with any questions you might have!


Taylor Lain

TaylorTaylor is a junior beginning her third year as a Peer Scholarship Advisor. Majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Russian and Post-Soviet Studies, she finds time to pursue other activities such as engaging in Biochemistry laboratory research, singing in the a cappella group Passing Notes, reading, cooking, drawing, and knitting. While she is uncertain as to where her studies will take her, she hopes to either attend medical school or graduate school and is looking forward to applying for scholarships such as the Fulbright, Rhodes, Marshall, Gates-Cambridge, and Churchill in the coming years. She can’t wait to get started helping her fellow students explore their future possibilities and pursue their academic and career goals in the coming year!


Thomas Le

ThomasHey everyone! My name is Thomas Le and I’m a freshman from Clifton up in Northern Virginia. In addition to working as a consultant at the Writing Resources Center in Swem, I’ve tutored at my high school’s Writing Center for three years and have attended national and local conferences on peer tutoring in writing. Majoring in English and Psychology, I love helping people find their voices within their work so they can succeed and obtain the scholarships they desire. While not crying over the fates of fictional characters, you can find me writing across a variety of genres, volunteering, going out on runs, and having fun in various clubs like Oxfam and Short Story Club. I look forward to working with you!


Yusheng Qin

YushengHey there! I'm Yusheng Qin, a junior at W&M currently majoring in Biology and minoring in Public Health. I'm from Louisiana or China, depending on the time of day. Besides working in the PSA program, I also have two other jobs at the Candy Desk and Cedars B&B. As a pre-med student, I like to show medical schools that I'm a dedicated scientist and simultaneously a person with diverse interests by involving myself in a Microbiology research lab and an all-male Christian a Cappella group. This is my firstyear in the PSA program, and I'm definitely looking forward to helping all the W&M students achieving their goals and ambitions!