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Have a quick question for the PSAs? Just fill out the PSA Question Form or make an appointment.

Charles Center Peer Scholarship Advisors (PSAs)  are available 9-5 weekdays in their office in the Charles Center and are also available for consultation by appointment.  Meet with them to talk about national awards, Charles Center summer scholarships, oral and poster presentations, etc. Walk-ins are always invited, but appointments by email have precedence. Check the PSA google calendar to view which appointments are available.

PSAs are also happy to review materials for scholarship applications such as personal statements and project proposals. 

PSAs can discuss all kinds of awards, and are more than ready to come talk to your group, residence hall, or organization. Simply fill out this form so that we can begin to arrange a presentation.

Have a quick question for the PSAs? Just fill out the PSA Question Form   

PSA Office Hours Fall 2014

------------ 9-10 10-11 11-12 12-1 1-2 2-3 3-4 4-5
Monday Johnathan Thomas Johnny Mac Taylor Taylor Taylor (to 3:30) Kara Kara
Tuesday Nate Nate Nate Jakob  Jakob Tyler (to 3:30) Kara Kara
Wednesday Johnathan Thomas Jen Jen Jen Yusheng Yusheng Yusheng
Thursday Emma Emma Emma Libby Libby Greg Greg Greg
Friday Johnathan Natasha Thomas Johnny Mac Johnny Mac Natasha Natasaha Natasha

Meet our PSAs!  - PSA Directory.  Also check out the Welcome to the PSA Office Prezi!

Welcome to the PSAs In Training: Anna Gosling, Brittany Acors, Elizabeth Ransone, Tyler Jutz and Libby Towell!

Help your PSAs help you!  Complete and email the general information questionnaire (doc) to your PSA prior to your meeting.