Occupational Wellness

Choosing a career that is rewarding and meaningful is an important goal for those on the path to Occupational Wellness. Finding an occupation that allows you to contribute your unique skills and talents while being personally satisfying will contribute to your overall health and wellness. There are several campus resources that can help you develop skills necessary to be successful in your career and put you on the path to finding a job.

Career Center
The William and Mary Career Center teaches students core life skills, such as how to identify an appropriate career path, write an effective resume, and find a job.  The Career Center helps employers connect to students and alumni through their recruiting services.  They partner with faculty and alumni to tie academics to the greater world through their career exploration programming. The Career Center offers workshops such as  Effective Interviewing, Resume and Cover Letter Writing,  and Job Search Strategies and events such as Career Fairs and a Local Internship Program Orientation.

Dean of Students Office