Donning of the Kente Annual Ceremony

In 2012, the College of William and Mary added a new tradition, Donning of the Kente, to graduation weekend.  By instituting this rite of passage ceremony the College joined the ranks of other universities across the country in celebrating excellence, both personal and academic, for students of color.

Many students have remarked that one of the aspects of the ceremony that made it very special was the opportunity to choose their donner. This feature of the ceremony gave them the chance to not only celebrate their accomplishment, but also to recognize someone special in their lives. As a result, parents, siblings, friends, faculty, and administrators have served in this very special role.

As we continue to embrace the idea that There is Only One William and Mary and It’s Yours, we want our graduates (undergraduates, graduate, and professional) to know that the relationship with the College does not end at graduation.  A new chapter begins when you become an alumnus.  We want to continue to share in your development and growth as an active and engaged alumnus.  The Donning of the Kente Ceremony is the first step in this relationship.