2014 Ceremony Information

Donning of the Kente 2014

This year the ceremony will take place on Friday, May 9th at 6:00pm at Phi Beta Kappa Hall. More than 100 students have registered and for the first time graduate students will participate. 

Goals of this event

To recognize and reward personal and academic achievement

To highlight the need to keep striving for excellence

To provide an intimate end-of-college experience

To illustrate to students of color that W&M strives to meet the needs and interests of all students


Quotes from previous participants

“Although the honorees were joyous, the parents whom I met were in heaven.” George Grayson, Professor

 “A new William and Mary tradition that celebrates the achievements of the graduating class, while honoring the rich legacy of those who have made their achievement possible.” Jerome Carter, Class of 2012

 “I loved that my family - who was so far removed from my college experience - could see what was important to me while at the College through a new ceremony started by the people who made me into the person I am today.” Brianna May, Class of 2012

“It was during that ceremony that I truly realized how far I had come. To be celebrated by my friends, mentors, and family on such an intimate scale made me feel proud to be the alumna of a university that is making great strides in diversity.” Danielle Greene, Class of 2012

 “The perfect outpouring of unity, love, and campus support!" –Denay Morrison, Class of 2012

"Such a proud moment seeing the diverse young men and women accepting their stoles in anticipation of one journey ending and another beginning!" -Sharon Morrison, Parent

 “I was deeply moved to participate in this meaningful and authentic rite of passage honoring not only our graduating seniors, but also Dr. Carroll F.S. Hardy, who laid the foundation for so much of the success we enjoy today.” Joanne Braxton, Professor