William & Mary

Lemon Project Advisory Committee

Bobby Braxton, Community Member

Joanne M. Braxton, English

Rene Cabral-Daniel, Sociology

Anthony Conyers, Community member

Amanda R. Cottingham, Undergraduate student

Christina S. Draper, Graduate student

Melvin P. Ely, History

William T. Geary, Assistant Dean, Mason School of Business

Leah F. Glenn, Theater/Speech/Dance

Monica D. Griffin, Office of Community Engagement and Scholarship

Grey Gundaker, American Studies and Anthropology

Anne Charity-Hudley, English

Heather Huyck, History

Lafayette Jones, Community member

Arthur L. Knight, III, American Studies and English

Charles F. McGovern, American Studies and History

Jacquelyn Y. McLendon, English

Neil L. Norman, Anthropology

Maggie Russolello, Community Member

Amy C. Schindler, Special Collections Research Center, Swem Library

Carol Sheriff, History

James P. Whittenburg, National Institute of American History and Democracy, and History