Faculty Assembly Operating Procedures

Assembly Resolution of October 28, 1998 on Duties of the Committee on Committees


The following was approved as a "standing rule" of the Assembly. This standing rule may be modified by a simple majority vote of the Assembly. At the end of the September Assembly meeting, Assembly President Bass announced that the Executive Committee would bring to the October meeting its recommendations about the procedures for nominating faculty representatives on university-wide committees. The proposal below has been reviewed by the Arts and Sciences FAC, and has been circulated (in slightly different form) to the Committee on Committees. Its purpose is to institutionalize what has long been the procedure for getting faculty membership on certain committees, while underlining the special responsibilities of the Assembly for nominating faculty representatives on other university-wide committees, and to do so in a timely manner.

Procedures for nominating faculty representatives on certain university-wide committees.

As noted in the Assembly Constitution and Bylaws, the Assembly has the responsibility to recommend appointment of faculty representatives to all university-wide appointed committees. The Assembly may set its own procedures for discharging that responsibility and can assign portions of that responsibility to other faculty bodies, with the understanding that the Assembly may re-claim the responsibility at a later date. As such, the procedures described below do not represent a change in the Assembly's Constitution and Bylaws.

  • The Assembly designates the committees listed in (b) as being of the type for which appropriate faculty committees within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the individual Schools may select faculty nominees from their academic unit to fill slots on the designated committees. The dean of the academic unit would be responsible for transmitting the list of faculty nominees to the Provost in a timely manner, with cc copy to the chair of the Committee on Committees (CoC). No further action by CoC or the Assembly would be required for faculty representation on the designated committees.

  • The committees to which the designation in (a) applies are:
    • Academic Space Planning
    • Admissions Policy
    • Affirmative Action Advisory
    • Assessment Steering Committee
    • Athletic Policy
    • Career Services Advisory
    • Commencement Policy
    • Concerts
    • Faculty Marshalls
    • Faculty Research
    • Honorary Degrees
    • Information Technology Advisory
    • Judicial Appeals Board
    • Judicial Council
    • Landscape, Energy, and Environment
    • Library Policy
    • Sexual Harassment
    • Transportation Advisory
    • Transportation Appeals
    • University Development Advisory
  • The Committee on Committees is responsible for recommending faculty membership on search committees for President, Provost, Vice-Presidents, the University Librarian, and the Director of Athletics. Recommendations of the Committee on Committees for faculty members on those search committees are subject to approval by the Assembly at its earliest possible meeting, or by the Executive in its constitutional role of agent for the Assembly when the Assembly is not is session.