William & Mary

Faculty Assembly Officers and Members 2012-13

President and Chair of the Executive Committee: Rick Gressard, [[cfgres]], 221-2352
Vice-President and Chair of the Liaison Committee: Suzanne Raitt, [[sxrait]], 221-3921
Secretary: Nancy Gray, [[nlgray]], 221-3938
Parliamentarian: Terry Meyers, [[tlmeye]], 221-3932
Chair, Academic Affairs Committee: Jennifer Taylor, [[jltay1]], 221-3638
Chair, Committee on Planning & Resources: Bill Cooke, [[wecook]], 221-3512
Chair, FA Faculty Affairs Committee: Tracy Cross, [[tlcross]], 221-2210
Faculty Representative to the BOV: William Hausman, [[wjhaus]], 221-2381

Arts & Sciences 1

Nancy Gray, Women's Studies


Arts & Sciences 1

Vassiliki Panoussi, Classical Studies


Arts & Sciences 1

Suzanne Raitt, English


Arts & Sciences 1

Jennifer Taylor, Modern Languages


Arts & Sciences 2

Kathleen Bragdon, Anthropology


Arts & Sciences 2

Michael Deschenes, Kinesiology


Arts & Sciences 2

David Dessler, Government


Arts & Sciences 2

Gul Ozyegin, Sociology


Arts & Sciences 3

Bill Cooke, Physics


Arts & Sciences 3

Sarah Day, Mathematics


Arts & Sciences 3

Gina Hoatson, Physics


Arts & Sciences 3

Brent Owens, Geology



Scott McCoy



Jeanne Wilson



Tracy Cross



Rick Gressard



Susan Grover



Trotter Hardy


Marine Science

Emmett Duffy


Marine Science

Carl Hershner


Faculty Representative to the BOV

Will Hausman, ex-officio FA member


Parliamentarian Terry Meyers [[tlmeye]]