Bobby Reis II, Ph.D.

EqualityWM Co-Chair

Phone : (757) 221-3620
Email : [[rlreis]]

About Bobby

Bobby joined the William & Mary Counseling Center in August 2008. He came to William & Mary after completing his doctoral degree at the University of North Dakota, including a pre-doctoral internship at University of Missouri – Columbia and a postdoctoral residency at Loyola University in Baltimore, MD. He is currently the Assistant Director of the William & Mary Counseling Center and serves as Director of Clinical Services, Research & Evaluation. He enjoys working with students and trainees and one of his areas of interest is working with LGBT Students.

Bobby has also been involved at William & Mary as a member of the Professional and Professional Faculty Assembly, one of the Safe Zone facilitators, and has served as EqualityWM Co-Chair since the inception of the organization. He has a strong passion for LGBT advocacy and for continuing to find ways to make W&M a welcoming place for LGBT Students, Staff & Faculty. He is also involved with the American Psychological Association’s Society of Counseling Psychology and serves as the division’s Membership Chair and serves as chair of the Section for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues. Bobby lives with his partner, Henry, in Williamsburg.