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Message from Vice President Anna Martin

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October 5, 2012

Dear Colleagues and Friends:

Have you ever delivered a hot meal to a homebound senior? Have you ever given a group of children a safe place to play away from the street or helped a disabled adult realize their potential to become an active member of their community? Have you ever provided a homeless family with a warm and safe place to sleep? If you have given to the CVC, the answer is yes.

Each year, the Combined Virginia Campaign gives us the opportunity to make a difference in our communities. Our goal this year is to have at least 250 members of the William & Mary family contribute to CVC. No dollar amount is too small. Whatever you can give will make a difference for the better.

The William & Mary Community continues to have the unique opportunity to make a difference right in our own backyard. William & Mary, Habitat for Humanity (#3068) and Housing Partnerships (#4013) will break ground on the William & Mary House later this month. We are especially asking those of you who have never contributed to CVC to consider joining the William & Mary Community in this worthwhile service project. Any donations from William & Mary made to these organizations through CVC will go toward the William & Mary House. There are many charities that need your help and the Habitat project is one way the William & Mary Community can unite for the greater good.

Every dollar counts and there is no easier way to be a positive force for change than to contribute through CVC. To make your donation, all you need to do is visit the William & Mary CVC website at to see a complete list of participating charities and make your donation. You can even donate directly from this email by using the following link: It’s that easy.

Please join us at W&M Harvesting Good(s), our annual CVC Kickoff event on October 12, 11:30 am-1 pm in the Wren Courtyard. Bring a friend and enjoy hot dogs, cider and pumpkin cookies. Several local charities will be on site and you will be able to make donations and pledges at the event.

Thank you in advance and we hope that the William & Mary Community will once again come together to serve the greater good.

Chris Baron
Tiffany Broadbent
Carla Costello
Cindy Gillman
Linda Knight
Betta Labanish
Elaine McBeth
Rita Metcalfe
Elizabeth Miller
Steve Tewksbury
Allison Wildridge
Joanne Wilkerson