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W&M-BNU Collaboration

WMCI is a partnership between William & Mary and Beijing Normal University (BNU), two universities rich in history and academic excellence. Several programs are being designed at all levels to enhance cooperation between W&M and BNU, including student exchanges, faculty exchanges and various other collaborative initiatives. The first of such initiatives is the Confucian Classics Faculty Forum being held on April 17 following WMCI's Grand Opening Ceremony, and as part of WMCI's Spring 2012 "Chinese Culture Semester."

Confucian Classics Faculty Forum

Event Details (Subject to change):

When: Tuesday, April 17, 2012, from 2PM-7PM

Where: Reves Room, Wendy and Emery Reves Center for International Studies

Tentative Forum Schedule:

Keynote Speech:  Steve Hanson, “Traditional, Modern, and Charismatic Time in Western and Chinese Thought”      2-2:15

Panel 1:  Yi jing (I Ching), Confucianism and Their Dissemination in Tradition China     2:15-3:30
Panelist 1:  Wangeng Zheng, "Yi jing and Chinese Culture"
(with translation)     2:15-2:45
Panelist 2:  Yanfang Tang, "Yi jing and Chinese Thought Processes"    2:45-3:30
Panelist 3:  Xin Wu, "Confucian Academy and Education in Traditional China"     3:00-3:15
Q&A:     3:15-3:30

Panel 2:  Hierarchy, Benevolence and Confucianism in Japan    3:30-4:45
Panelist 1:  Tomoko Connolly, "The Fall of the Shining Goddess and Confucianism in Japan"    3:30-3:45
Panelist 2:  Zhen Kang, "Paradox: Chinese Martial Arts and Benevolence" (with translation)    3:45-4:15
Panelist 3: Eric Han, Confucianism and the Limits of Sino-Japanese Friendship: The case of Inukai Tsuyoshi”    4:15-4:30
Q&A:    4:30-4:45

Break:     4:45-5:00

Panel 3:  Philosophy for Use and Confucianism in Contemporary China    5:00-6:15
Panelist 1:  TJ Cheng, "Confucianism and Economic Development"    5:00-5:15
Panelist 2:  Emily Wilcox, "Performing Confucius: Cultural Nationalism and the Contemporary Chinese Stage"   5:15-5:30
Panelist 3:  Zhen Han, "General Characteristics of Chinese Philosophy, Past and Present" (with translation)    5:30-6:00
Q&A:    6:-6:15

Reception:  6:15-7:00