William and Mary

Scholarly Engagement

Both William & Mary and Beijing Normal University have storied histories in their respective  countries. Today, both universities are centers for scholarly excellence in a multitude of fields and disciplines, and WMCI serves as a bridge to connect intellectuals from these two schools.

The first W&M/BNU collaboration was the Faculty Forum on Confucian Classics, which took place as part of the WMCI Grand Opening festivities in April, 2012. In June, 2014, the William & Mary Confucius Institute also co-sponsored the International Conference on Time and Change with College of Philosophy and Sociology at BUN, International Society of the Study of Time, Research Center of Value and Culture at BUN. It is hoped that in the future more faculty and student exchanges as well as departmental and program collaborations will take place as well.

Other planned future projects include a center for I Ching Studies, a Chinese Classics Native Perspective Series, and an Invited Scholar Lecture Series.