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  • May 2017
    May 2017   Chinese artist representative Jianjun Wang donates his painting to WMCI, received by WMCI Director Stephen Hanson at the No Borders Chinese Modern Oil Painting Exhibition.  
  • May 2017
    May 2017  Artist Representative and distinguished guests cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony of No Borders-Chinese Modern Oil Painting Exhibition on May 19, 2017.  
  • August 2016
    August 2016  Chinese-style art on display at our 2016 exhibition at Swem Library  
  • August 2016
    August 2016  A table for practicing calligraphy was set out for exhibit attendees who were feeling inspired.  
  • July 2014
    July 2014  WMCI holds an annual Chinese calligraphy exhibition at Sadler Center.  
  • November 2013
    November 2013  Chinese Paper Cutting was put on display as an exhibit in Sadler Center in 2013.  
  • November 2013
    November 2013  Lucky pig from the 2013 paper cutting exhibition.  
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The William & Mary Confucius Institute has put on several Chinese cultural exhibitions, working with organizations such as Sister Cities Newport News and the Muscarelle Museum of Art.  These exhibitions give community members a chance to appreciate and engage with Chinese traditional arts such as paper cutting, calligraphy, and oil painting.


  • No Borders Modern Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition
    • WMCI and Sister Cities Newport News co-sponsored the No Borders Modern Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition from May 19th through May 26th.  The exhibition featured the art of over 30 artists from Chengdu, Sichuan, China.


  • Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition in Swem Library


  • Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition in Swem Library


  • Chinese Paper Cutting Exhibition in Sadler Center