Community Education

  • Calligraphy Class
    Calligraphy Class  Xiaojing Zou instructs members of the community in how to write the vertical, horizontal, and left-falling strokes in her Chinese calligraphy class.  
  • Chinese Paper Cutting Class
    Chinese Paper Cutting Class  Xuewei Hou shows her students where to cut during the Chinese paper cutting class.  
  • Delicious Chinese Cuisine
    Delicious Chinese Cuisine  During the Chinese Cooking Class, students watch as Chef Peter Chang plates the spicy dumplings!  
  • Chinese Painting Class
    Chinese Painting Class  During her Chinese painting class, Yujing Luan teaches students how to paint plum blossoms.  
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The WMCI provides a variety of Chinese language and culture classes to members of the College and local community throughout the year. Students of all ages are welcome at WMCI language classes, which include Beginner Chinese, Business Chinese and Travel Chinese. Culture workshops such as Taiji, Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese paper cutting, Chinese knotting, and Chinese cooking are also hosted throughout the year. One-on-one instruction in individually designed courses on Chinese language and culture are also available according to student needs. Course tuition is charged at $10/hr for community students, and $5/hr for W&M faculty, staff and students. Unless otherwise stated, community classes take place at the WCMI located in Rowe House, 314 Jamestown Road, Williamsburg VA, 23187.

In addition, the WMCI sponsors a variety of cultural programs. Past events have included Chinese Culture Parade, Chinese Dance Gala, and Chinese Traditional Music Concert.