WMCI Community Classes

During the spring of 2017, WMCI will offer Chinese Level III, Preparing to Travel in China, A Sample of China, Chinese Level IV, Appreciation of Chinese Poetry, Erhu Workshop, and Chinese Cooking. The courses will run on weekdays between January 30th - February 23rd (Session I), and from March 13th - April 6th (Session II).  Additionally, a Taiji Class will be offered Tuesdays from January 31st - April 11th. Please click the links for the exact dates and times of each course.

Please sign up today to secure your spot, as the classes are filling up quickly!

Beginning Chinese

Open to students of all skill levels, this class covers the basic phonetic, grammar, and writing systems of conversational Chinese. The lessons integrate Chinese Culture, including character etymology and relevant holidays, with each lesson. The class places most emphasis on listening and speaking.

Erhu Workshop

Introduced during the Tang Dynasty, the Erhu ( 二胡) has played a central role in traditional Chinese music for over 2,000 years. This class is designed to teach students basic Erhu techniques and songs while exposing them to classic Erhu music.

Sample of China

China has a rich history of art and culture spanning almost 5,000 years, including theater, painting, music, literature, and poetry. While we could spend decades before we reach mastery in any one art, this course will introduce the basics of and an appreciation for four of China’s art forms: calligraphy, paper cutting, Chinese knotting, and musical instruments.

Preparing to Travel in China

This course is designed for those who dream of traveling to China or simply want to know more about Chinese culture. Topics will include places of interest in China, expressions to use while traveling, and Chinese dos and don’ts. Come join us to learn more about Chinese language and culture in a class focused on travel and practical use.

Appreciation of Chinese Poetry

With a history of more than two thousand five hundred years, classical Chinese poetry distinguishes itself by employing rich imagery to depict nature’s wonder, express feelings of joy and pain, and views of life and death. In this course, we will embark on a time-travelling journey from early 1000 BC to 1200 AD to appreciate the beauty of classical Chinese poetry and better understand Chinese philosophy through the rhymes, rhythm, and storytelling.

Chinese Cooking

Taught by local Chef Ed McMahon, the WMCI Chinese Cooking classes are an excellent way to experience more Chinese culture. The class will teach students how to prepare many varieties of authentic Chinese food. This class was previously taught by local Chef Peter Chang.

Beginner Sun Style Taiji

The ancient Chinese martial art of Taiji (太极) combines breath work, balance practice, and intentional movement into one beautiful and calming method of meditation. Sun Style Taiji incorporates the best classical exercised, such as Qigong, Bagua, and Xingyi, into a unified Taiji practice that reduces physical pain, relieves mental stress, and improves sleep quality. The course is taught at beginner level and open to students of all skill types. Stan Rockwell, an experienced local martial arts master, develops and teaches the classes.


1) The cost for each course is $10/class, to be paid in full on the first day of class. In general, each session holds 8 classes per course ($80). In Fall 2015, the Taiji class will meet 10 times throughout the semester, totalling it's cost at $100, and the Cooking Class will last four classes, costing $40. W&M faculty, staff, and students always receive a 50% discount (e.g. $40 for 8 classes).

2) Payment is due on the first day of class and accepted by cash or check. Please make a check payable to: The College of William and Mary. 

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