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Spring 2015 Community Language and Culture Courses Sessions I and I

Session I courses will run from February 2 to February 26th.

Chinese Level I (.pdf) - Learn Chinese language with Xuewei Hou.

Pipa (.jpg) - Come learn to play the pipa, a traditional Chinese instrument like the lute, with Xiaojing Zou.

Erhu (.pdf) - Come learn to play the Erhu with Feng Wang.

Taiji (.pdf) - Learn Taiji basics in this special class with experienced Taiji Practioner Stan Rockwell! There will be a total of 10 classes from February 3rd to April 7th.

Chinese Painting I (.pdf) - Come learn Chinese painting techniques with Yujing Luan.

Chinese Cooking (.jpg) -Come learn four different recipes from Peter Chang chefs!

Session II courses will run from March 16 to April 9th.

Chinese Level II (.pdf) - Continue learning Chinese language with Xuewei Hou.

Chinese Knotting (.pdf) - Learn Chinese knotting techniques with Xiaojing Zou.

Chinese Flute (.pdf) - Learn the Chinese flute with Feng Wang.

Chinese Painting II (.pdf) - Continute developing Chinese painting skills with Yujing Luan.

Chinese Cooking (.pdf) - Four new Chinese dishes will be taught by chefs from Peter Chang!

Registration Form

(Please complete the registration form online. If you have any questions, please call 757-221-1286. )


W&M Confucius Institute, The College of William & Mary

Rowe House, 314 Jamestown Road, Williamsburg VA, 23187


1) The cost is $10/class for community students and $5/class for W&M faculty, staff, and students.

2) Payment is due on the first day of class. Payment accepted by cash or check. Please make a check payable to: The College of William and Mary. 


Tel:  (757) 221-1286

Fax: (757) 221-1910


Fall 2014 Community Language and Culture Courses Session II

Chinese Level II - Continue your progress in learning Mandarin Chinese with the second level!

Chinese Dance Workshop (pdf.) - Learn how to dance the Chinese ethnic minority Uyghur dance with Zhiting Liu and Yujing Luan.

Taiji Workshop (pdf.) - Learn the calm and soothing art of taiji with Xuewei Hou.

Chinese Cooking Class (pdf.)- Come learn to make tasty Sichuan style dishes with Chef Peter Chang! 

Ruan Workshop (pdf.)- Try your hand at learning to play the "Chinese Guitar."

Chinese Painting Class II - Continue learning beautiful Chinese painting techniques with Yujing Luan!

Fall 2014 Community Language and Culture Courses Session I

Chinese Level I (pdf.)  - Come learn Chinese from the basics in a class taught for beginners, no experience expected!

Impressions of Beijing (pdf.) - Learn about China's capital from a life time resident of the city and experience the unique culture and history it has to offer.

Erhu Workshop (pdf.) - Learn how to play "the Chinese Fiddle," or Erhu, an instrument that has been said to cry. 

Pipa Workshop (pdf.) - Learn how to play the Chinese lute-like pipa from WMCI's own Zhiting Liu, a professional of the plucked instrument.

Chinese Paper-cutting Workshop (pdf.) - Prepare to be amazed as you learn about the intricate beauty of Chinese paper-cutting, and try your hand at it too!

Calligraphy Class (pdf.) - Come learn the beauty and history of Chinese characters as you learn the art of calligraphy.

Chinese Painting Class (pdf.) - Learn from WMCI's Yujing Luan as she shows you how to make beautiful Chinese floral, mountain, and other paintings.

Chinese Cooking Class (pdf.) - Come enjoy some Chinese culinary favorites after you learn to make them with Chef Peter Chang!

Summer 2014 Community Language and Culture Courses Session II

Chinese Calligraphy and Brush Painting Workshop (.pdf)

Chinese Paper-cutting Workshop (.pdf)

Tea Ceremony Workshop (.pdf)

Board Games Workshop (.pdf)

Chinese Knotting (.pdf)

Summer 2014 Community Language and Culture Courses Session I

Chinese Erhu Workshop (.pdf)

Chinese Pipa Workshop (.pdf)

Chinese Knotting (.pdf)

Taiji Workshop (.pdf)

Mahjong Workshop (.pdf)

Tea Ceremony Workshop (.pdf)