William and Mary

WMCI Cooking Class Videos and Recipes

the Imperial Concubine's Tofu(.doc)

{{youtube:medium|K0o37G4YXoI, WMCI Cooking Class with Chef Peter Chang}}


Fried Eggplant(.doc)

{{youtube:medium|jjPlE3iE7_E, WMCI Cooking Class with Chef Peter Chang: the Fried Eggplant}}


Chongqing Spicy Chicken(.doc)

{{youtube:medium|Huzk0XRfPCk, WMCI Cooking Class: Chongqing Spicy Chicken}}


Fishball in the Small Wok(.doc)

{{youtube:medium|7WXP2zu7m7w,WMCI Cooking Class: Fish Ball in the Small Wok}}


Pan-fried Buns Stuffed with Pork (.doc)

{{youtube:medium|mBM_2c375TA, WMCI Cooking Class: Panfried Buns Stuffed with Pork}}


Mapo Tofu(.doc)

{{youtube:medium|QcAJCehKXJA, WMCI Cooking Class: Mapo Tofu}}


Fried Wonton(.doc)

{{youtube:medium|TW7dt6ULtM0, WMCI cooking class: Fried Wonton}}


Kung Pao Chicken(.doc)

{{youtube:medium|UmUgjDURNRk, WMCI Cooking Class: Kung Pao Chicken}}