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Lines: The Soul of Chinese Calligraphy

Location:  Reves Room, 200 South Boundary St., Williamsburg VA, 23185
Contact:  wmci@wm.edu or (757) 221-1286


Please join us on October 19th, from 4:00 to 5:30 pm in the Reves Room at the Reves Center for International Studies for the lecture “Lines: The Soul of Chinese Calligraphy” by renowned Chinese calligrapher and painter Haiquan Xiong. Narrated by Prof. Deliang Wang. Demonstrated by Mr. Haiquan Xiong

Full Description

Chinese calligraphy is an art of abstract lines with complex attributes such as texture, sense of force, dynamism, dimensionality and rhythm. Within each stroke lies the essence and soul of Chinese painting and calligraphy.  Haiquan Xiong, a well-known Chinese calligrapher and painter, combines techniques from both disciplines in his work. This lecture will introduce how lines are used to express the soul of Chinese characters in calligraphy as well as an on-site demonstration.

About the artist:

Mr. Haiquan Xiong, who worked as the senior art editor in the Hubei Daily, is currently the editor-in-chief for the journal “Art”. Mr. Xiong is well-versed in landscape painting and figure painting. His freehand ink calligraphy works are reminiscent of paintings. He applies the style of freehand brushwork in landscape painting to Chinese calligraphy and paints scenes inspired by traditional poetry.

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