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Dumpling Making Classes at Peter Chang Restaurant!

Location:  Peter Chang Restaurant, 1203 Richmond Rd, Williamsburg, VA 23185-2826
Contact:  {{http://www.wm.edu/sites/confuciusinstitute/news/2017/how-noodles-led-to-serious-study-of-mandarin.php, Isabelle Szczerbinski}}, isabelle.baoling@gmail.com


Join WMCI student and US-ChinaStrong Youth Ambassador, {{http://www.wm.edu/sites/confuciusinstitute/news/2017/how-noodles-led-to-serious-study-of-mandarin.php, Isabelle (Baoling) Szczerbinski}}, for more dumpling making classes with world-famous chef Peter Chang and his wife Lisa, at his restaurant in Williamsburg! Chef Chang and Lisa will teach us how to properly roll out the dough, prepare both meat and vegetable fillings, and fill and seal the dumplings. The dumplings will then be steamed and fried for us, and we will share a delicious lunch.

Full Description

Our dumpling making class with Chef Peter Chang and his wife Lisa was a great success!  We made dumplings with three different fillings (pork, shrimp and vegetable) using three types of wrapper: plain, carrot and spinach. They were delicious!

After our dumpling class, we shared an amazing meal with many different dishes!

We are offering two additional classes due to popular demand. Join us on Sunday, March 18, and Sunday, April 8th, both at 11:00 am, to make some delicious dumplings! We will meet at Peter Chang Restaurant, located at 1203 Richmond Rd, Williamsburg, VA 23185-2826

We’ll learn all about dumplings, including how to prepare and roll out the dough, how to make the filling, how to seal the dumplings, and how to steam and fry them.  We will also share a casual meal! It will be a delicious and informative luncheon!  

Vegetarian options will also be offered, including dumplings with vegetarian fillings. 

All further information, including registration and payment details, can be found on this site.

Please contact Isabelle Szczerbinski if you have any additional questions:  isabelle.baoling@gmail.com.

(Please do not contact WMCI or US-ChinaStrong regarding the event.)