Prohibited Items in W&M Hall

The following items will not be permitted inside W&M Hall for Commencement*:

•Backpacks and bags measuring larger than 1’ x 1’ x 1’
•Umbrellas: Leave umbrellas at the door in an umbrella bin.
•Outside food & drink: Concessions will be sold in W&M Hall
•Camera Tripods / Monopods
•Firearms and other weapons
•Laptop computers
•Alcohol, use of any tobacco products, or illegal substances
•Noisemakers, laser pointers, balls, frisbees, inflatable objects
•Chairbacks, coolers, ice chests
•Strollers (there will be a stroller parking tent near the entrance)

Anything deemed unsafe by police or event staff

*The prohibited items list is for the enjoyment and safety of Commencement guests.  This list is subject to change as conditions warrant.