Academic Regalia Colors

The ceremonial robes worn in the Academic Procession speak by their shapes and their colors of the breadth and intricate structure of the academic world. Against the basic black of caps and gowns, the colors of diverse universities and academic fields stand in relief. The gowns themselves are of different shapes - note especially the sleeves - for bachelors, masters and doctors. The typical American cap is flat, with a tassel draped over its front edge, but some universities in the United States use caps which are softly peaked or rounded and stiff. Hoods, too, differ in shape for each of the traditional degrees. The lining of the hood announces by its color the university conferring the degree - note the green, gold and silver of William & Mary. The edge of the hood as well as the chevrons and piping of the gown mark the field of study according to the following color scheme.

Those fields italicized below reflect degrees which will be conferred at the College's Commencement ceremony.

Agriculture Maize
Arts, Letters, Humanities White
Commerce, Business Drab and Sapphire Blue
Economics Copper
Education Light Blue
Engineering Orange
Fine Arts, Architecture Brown
Journalism Crimson
Law Purple
Library Science Lemon
Medicine Green
Music Pink
Oratory Silver Gray
Philosophy Dark Blue
Physical Education Sage Green
Public Administration Peacock Blue
Science Golden Yellow
Social Work Citron