Compassion Cards

card front

Reflecting on compassionate action is a way to sensitize onself to the multitude of human virtue we see. Compassion Cards encourage this reflection and can be found around campus, including in Sadler Center on the small table near the Information Desk. This is the same location as our drop-off bin.

Here's how it works: 

First, take a few moments to think of something you have seen or experienced that was compassionate. Then, write about that experience. 
Next, hand the card off to someone else and encourage them to do the same. We believe the hand-off is also an opportunity to tell someone about what you wrote — and it will inspire reflection on their part. 

Some of the submissions:

"One of my OAs had along conversation with me during orientation that made me feek a lot less overwhelmed and it meant a lot to me, even though it was not really about anything important."

"I was sitting alone at dinner and the girl next to me noticed and tried to engage me in conversation so that I didn't have to be alone. She made me very happy."