William and Mary

Dariya Malyarenko

Visiting Research Scientist and Principal Investigator, Applied Science

Lab Number : L123
Lab Phone : (757) 269-5723
E-mail Address : [[dimaly]]


Dr. Dariya Malyarenko is a Visiting Research Scientist and Principal Investigator for the computational R01 project from the NCI Clinical Proteomics program. This project provides funding for the collaborative initiative between College of William and Mary, INCOGEN, Inc., and Eastern Virginia Medical school targeted at developing new strategies for equipment calibration, as well as, algorithms and software tools for improved signal processing of mass spectrometry data with intended use for early cancer diagnostics. Dr. Malyarenko area of expertise is in acquisition and analysis of proteomics MS data and nuclear magnetic resonance data for solid polymers and biomolecules. Her current research interests are in time series analysis, noise filtering, resolution enhancement and ionization state deconvolution of spectroscopic data for cancer profiling proteomics.

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)