Wellness Passport Incentive Program Spring 2018

Dates: Monday, February 12-Friday, April 13

About the Program

William & Mary’s Campus Recreation Department and Office of Health Promotion are preparing to host the third Wellness Passport Incentive Program in spring 2018. The program will take place between February 12 and April 13. The objectives of this program are to 1) educate students and faculty/staff about multi-dimensional, holistic wellness and 2) increase awareness of health and wellness opportunities at William & Mary. The Wellness Passport Program will offer a variety of events. Participants will be encouraged to attend at least one event in each of the eight dimensions of wellness throughout the length of the program. Our goal is that, by participating in a variety of activities, programs and services on campus, students and faculty/staff members will gain knowledge of the various health and wellness resources available at William & Mary.


Passport registration for the Spring 2018 will open on January 29, 2018. 

Logging in your Passport

  • As you attend events included on the Wellness Passport calendar, you will collect stamps in your passport. For the first time this year, Wellness Passports will be completely online! Details on how to register for your passport will be posted on January 29, 2018. 
  • There are eight individual calendars, one for each dimension, in addition to the main Wellness Passport calendar that contains all events. These calendars can be located under "Related Calendars" on the right side of the Wellness Passport calendar page. Use the individual calendars to find events specific to the dimensions (i.e. find emotional/mental events on the Emotional/Mental Dimension calendar).
  • Many events relate to multiple dimensions of wellness. However, each passport event can only be counted once for a dimension requirement. For example, an event might be listed on both the intellectual dimension calendar and the social dimension calendar. You can only receive credit for either the intellectual dimension or the social dimension, not both.
  • Please do not worry if you are not able to attend all of the events in one week! You will have more than enough time to explore the different dimensions of wellness throughout the program. The goal is to find a harmony, rather than a balance, between the dimensions. It is not always realistic to spend an equal amount of time and energy in each dimension. At times, you may dedicate more attention to one particular dimension because that is what is right and necessary in your life at that moment. 
  • We also understand that you have a very busy schedule and may not be able to attend eight events in the eight-week period. As a solution to this we will include one “Wild Card” stamps with each Wellness Passport. The purpose of this Wild Card sticker is to both honor the time you are already spending on wellness (i.e. if you are already training for a race or you tutor in your free time please feel free to use your Wild Card sticker for the physical or the intellectual dimensions of wellness, respectively) AND to give you an opportunity to earn a wellness sticker without attending an event on the wellness calendar (i.e. completing the Life Values Inventory online for a wild card sticker in the emotional/mental wellness dimension). To redeem a Wild Card Sticker, you will need to complete our Wild Card Sticker form (which will be emailed to you upon completing registration).
Submitting Your Passport

You have until Friday, April 13th to collect up to eight stickers, one in each wellness dimension (including the two wild card stickers). If you collect at least six stickers (including the two wild card stickers), you will qualify for prizes (see below). 


Prizes will be given out at the end of the incentive program based on how many wellness stickers each participant receives over the course of the program. These prizes are not cumulative – every participant who receives the following total number of stickers are eligible just for prizes in the respective tier:

6 stamps or more = Wellness Passport T-Shirt.

7 stamps or more = Swell water bottle or Gym Bag, Canvas Tote, or Yoga Mat.

8 stickers = Be entered in a drawing to win a FitBit Charge!

Read about each Wellness Dimension below and find corresponding events.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If an event counts under more than one dimension, can I attend that event multiple times and count it under different dimensions? (i.e. attending a Yoga class twice and counting it under the Physical and Spiritual Dimensions) 
A: We encourage participants to step out of their comfort zones and try new activites, so please try to find different events to count for each different dimension.

Q: Are more events going to be added to the Wellness Passport Calendar?
A: Yes, we will continue to add more events to the calendar as they are approved by the event coordinators. We also welcome any suggestions for events! Please email Maya or Jenny with information. 

Q: Can I get a sticker for any group fitness class I attend at the W&M Student Recreation Center?
A: No, you can only get stickers for group fitness classes included on the Wellness Passport Calendar (i.e. our free yoga classes that are listed on the Wellness Passport Calendar. You can get a sticker from the Yoga Instructor that teaches the class for either the Emotional/Mental Dimension, Physical Dimension or Spiritual Dimension- just ONE sticker, not all three! If you take a group fitness class or attend another event that is not included on the Wellness Passport Events Calendar, you must use one of your two Wild Card stickers.

For more information on the Wellness Passport Incentive Program, please contact [[e|clwiley01, Courtney Wiley]], Wellness Supervisor, or [[jvrueh, Jenny Fisher]], Associate Director of Campus Recreation for Fitness & Wellness.