Campus Resources

The Haven

Lesley Henderson, Assistant Dean of Students amd Director of Disability Services, integrates and oversees all services for survivors of sexual assault, ensuring that a student's needs are being met. She will meet with service providers, faculty and staff, friends of survivors, families, and individuals accused of sexual assault. Survivors of sexual violence can meet with her in confidence.

  • Phone: 757.221.2510 or (The Haven) 757.221.2449
  • [[ljhenderson]]

William & Mary Police

The WMPD is a resource for students who want to talk with an officer about options for reporting a sexual assualt. One option includes filing an informational report, whereby a student may turn in evidence immediately to the police without pressing charges. This maintains the chain of custody and allows for a students to press charges later, should that be their decision. 

  • Emergency Phone: 911
  • Non-Emergency Phone: 757.221.4596
Dean of Students Office

The Dean of Students staff advocates for student needs, acts as liaison between students and academic departments, and provides support and challenges designed to enhance personal growth, as well as a sense of personal authority and responsibility in each student.

  • Phone: 757.221.2510

Health Promotion

Health Promotion is committed to enhancing the overall health and wellness of our William & Mary Tribe. Health Promotion has multiple focus areas that include Alcohol and Other Substances, Sexual Health, Mental Health and Wellness, and Sexual & Intimate Partner Violence Prevention.

  • Health Promotion Specialist (specializing in Sexual & Intimate Partner Violence Prevention)
    Phone: 757.221.7369
Student Health Center

Students who have been assaulted can receive many confidential services at the Student Health Center, including screening and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, a pregnancy test, and emergency contraception.

  • Appointments: 757.221.2998
  • Information: 757.221.4386
The Counseling Center

The Counseling Center offers free, confidential counseling for students and makes referrals to off-site resources, should those prove more beneficial. 

  • Phone: 757.221.3620
Title IX Coordinator

Kiersten Boyce, our Title IX Officer, is able to assist students, staff, and faculty file complaints of sex-basd discrimination, harassment, or sexual misconduct involving students. 

  • Phone: 757.221.2743
  • [[klboyc]]