Hand Washing

Wash your hands the right way!
  1. Wet hands with warm water
  2. Apply a nickel or quarter sized amount of soap to your hands
  3. Rub your hands together until soap forms a lather the rub all over your hands, in between you ringers and around and under the fingernails
  4. Continue rubbing your hands for 15 to 20 seconds. You can sing Happy Birthday twice to approximate 20 seconds
  5. Rinse your hands well under running water
  6. Dry your hands with a paper towel then use the paper towel to turn off the faucet and open the door.[1]
Video on Hand Washing

{{youtube:small|UkIV4WX5YN8, Hand Washing}}

[1] Hand Hygiene Saves Lives.  A Patient's Guide (pdf). CDC Brochure.