Student Insurance Waiver Information

General Information

All full-time undergraduate and graduate students admitted Fall 2006 or after will be enrolled in the college-endorsed Student Insurance Plan and the cost will be billed to your student account in two installments (fall and spring semester) UNLESS proof of other adequate health insurance coverage is furnished. Students who already have health insurance for the entire year/term must submit a waiver request by the deadline EACH academic year, and the waiver request must be approved to avoid being enrolled in the Student Insurance Plan. Waiving the Student Insurance Plan does not affect eligibility for services at the Student Health Center. Students who already filed an approved 2017-2018 Waiver do not need to file another waiver for the Spring unless your insurance has changed.

You will need your individual 9-digit W&M Student ID number (beginning with 930) and current insurance information. Click on the link below under the appropriate student heading to access the Waiver Request form.

Important Note: You will be redirected to a secure waiver system provided by UnitedHealthcare StudentResources (UHCSR), the contracted student insurance company. Your private insurance information is secure and can only be accessed by a W&M administrator with a unique logon and password. Also, the form requires a simple, electronic signature to indicate that you accept the Acknowledgement. To sign electronically, you simply type your name into the form field prior to submitting the completed form. If someone other than the student completes the form, please include reference initials. Immediately after submission, there is an onscreen confirmation and one is also sent to the W&M email address supplied on the form. You should retain a copy of one of these confirmations for your records. Students will be responsible for the charge(s) on their student account if the Waiver Request is not approved or is not submitted in a timely manner.

The Waiver FAQ's may answer any questions you have regarding the waiver process.
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To avoid being billed for the W&M Student Insurance, a Spring 2018 Student Insurance Waiver Request was due by December 31 for ALL full-time new, transfer or readmitted students entering the College Spring 2018 who have other health insurance coverage for the entire Spring 2018 academic term. 2018-2019 Student Insurance Waiver Information will be available in June 2018!

After the waiver period due date, Waiver Requests may be considered at the discretion of the College and there is a point at which no further waivers may be considered. If your late waiver request is approved and you were charged, you should see the credit post to your eServices Account Activity within 3-5 business days. If your Waiver Request is not approved or you failed to submit a waiver, you will be responsible for the health insurance policy charge on your student account.

Domestic Students

Insurance plans submitted for waiver must provide coverage for the entire Spring 2018 academic term. (Spring 2018 Waiver Requests must provide coverage for 01/12/2018 to 05/13/2018 at minimum.) This is a mandatory requirement.

If your plan meets the requirement, you must submit an online Spring 2018 Domestic Student Insurance Waiver Request as proof of other insurance. The Spring 2018 Waiver is now closed and no further waivers will be considered. 2018-2019 Waiver information to be posted in June 2018!

Students with other health insurance plans that have a closed-network of providers (such as Kaiser Permanent & Tricare Prime) or with limited coverage outside of your area (such as regional HMOs), or otherwise inadequate benefits (such as HDHPs) must carefully review their options before waiving the College-sponsored insurance plan because healthcare may not be reasonably accessible in the Williamsburg area with some other health plans.

Please note that Medicaid coverage is state specific and does not provide coverage out-of-state. Therefore, out-of-state Medicaid is not considered adequate health insurance coverage so a waiver request will not be approved.
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F-1 & J-1 International Students

Insurance plans submitted for waiver must provide coverage for ALL of the following requirements: (see helpful Guidelines for more information)

  1. Coverage for the entire academic term (Spring 2018 Waiver Requests must provide coverage for 01/12/2018 or date of arrival in the U.S. [whichever is earlier] to 05/13/2018 or date of departure from the U.S. [whichever is later.])
  2. Coverage of at least $50,000 per injury or sickness OR $500,000 maximum lifetime limit, whichever is greater
  3. A deductible not to exceed $500 per injury or sickness
  4. Coverage of at least $1,000 for prescription drugs
  5. Coverage of Repatriation and Medical Evacuation that meets the U.S. Dept. of State minimum requirements
  6. Coverage for mental health (including suicide attempt, substance and alcohol abuse treatment) paid the same as any other sickness or injury
  7. Coverage for harm to self, suicide or attempted suicide
  8. Coverage for maternity/pregnancy care (females only)
  9. Insurance coverage is payable in US Dollars
  10. Plan provided by a company licensed to do business in the United States, with a U.S. claims payment office and a U.S. phone number
  11. You can provide an entire copy of the policy in English with US Dollar amounts

If your plan meets ALL of the requirements, you must submit an online Spring 2018 International Student Waiver Request as proof of other insurance. The Spring 2018 Waiver is now closed and no further waivers will be considered. 2018-2019 Waiver Information to be posted in June 2018!

International Student Waiver Requests are PENDING review of your Insurance Policy to determine if your insurance provides all the required cover. Submit an electronic copy of your Insurance Policy (include a list of Benefits & Exclusions) to the [[, Insurance Coordinator]]. F-1 & J-1 International Students should not purchase any other health insurance until they are certain their Insurance Policy provides ALL the required cover and their Waiver Request will be approved. Review the Guidelines to determine if your plan meets ALL of the College's requirements. No exceptions will be made to these requirements. If your plan DOES NOT meet all of the requirements or you cannot provide proof of the same, you WILL NOT obtain a waiver, so please do not submit a request for one.
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