William and Mary

Student Insurance Excess Provision

The College-sponsored Student Insurance Plan contains an Excess provision, which is similar to a Coordination of Benefits provision in that it establishes an order in which insurance plans pay their claims so that the combined benefits of all plans does not exceed the total medical expenses. An Excess Provision means that benefits will be paid on the unpaid balances after the other health insurance has paid, thus it is an "excess" policy, often referred to as secondary insurance. Due to this policy provision, UnitedHealthcare StudentResources (UHCSR) is required to collect information about other health insurance you may have in force. You can help us process your claims faster by providing this information to us at the beginning of each policy year!

Typically, other insurance information is requested once a claim is submitted, but it may result in delays in claims processing while we wait for a response from you, the insured student. A response is required and failure to respond in a timely manner will result in your current and subsequent claims being denied as being incomplete. So it is imperative that you respond to these requests within 30 days from the date of the request. Since this is a one-year term policy, this information may be requested each policy year.

You can provide UHCSR with other insurance information in one of two ways.

  1. You can log into MyAccount and select the "Additional Coverage Information" link on the MyAccount home page.  Then, complete the required fields and click "Submit." 
  2. You can contact Customer Service at (800) 767-0700 Monday-Friday, 7AM-7PM Central time to provide this information over the phone to one of our Representatives for entry into our system.

Either option will only take a few minutes, so log in or call today to avoid any such delays in your claims handling. Important note: The Excess Provision has no practical application if you do not have other medical insurance or if your other group insurance does not cover the loss.

If you have any questions about the Excess Provision as it applies to this policy or how to provide the requested information, please contact the Student Insurance Coordinator, 757-221-2978.

Students with Student Insurance & Other Insurance

If you are insured under another health insurance plan, the W&M Plan is secondary and your other health insurance is primary. Students insured by more than one health plan must present both insurance cards to any medical providers or facilities that you use and notify them of the order in which the insurance plans will pay so that the provider can submit the insurance claims accordingly. Additionally, it is the insured student's responsibility to provide UnitedHealthcare StudentResources with a copy of the other insurance Explanation of Benefit statements so that UHCSR can determine to which unpaid balance(s) benefits will be paid. The Student Insurance Plan may cover unpaid balances, deductibles and eligible medical expenses not covered by the other insurance. However, the Plan excludes coverage for amounts not covered by the primary carrier due to penalities imposed as a result of the insured's students failure to comply with policy provisions or requirements.