Premier Student Health Center Fee


You have the option to enroll in the additional PREMIER Student Health Center Fee.

Full Description

STANDARD Student Health Center Fee

A Standard Health Center Fee is automatically assessed to your Student Account. This does not appear seperately but is a part of your full-time tuition and fee amount.
Affords students access to the Student Health Center. 

Student is then responsible for visit co-pays ($10-$20), treatment or laboratory costs (variable).  Please see the Student Health Center Charges List for review.

PREMIER Student Health Center Fee

An additional fee of $136  ($68 per semester) will be assessed to the Student Account of those who elect to enroll in the PREMIER Student Health Center Fee.
Most cost effective as it affords students access to the clinic without any visit, treatment, or internal laboratory charges.  There will be NO CHARGE for:

Physician Visits

IV Fluids

In-House Labs

Routine Physical (Annually)

Allergy Injections

Flu Vaccine (Annually)

Orthopedic Supplies

Note: Students will be responsible for their co-pays for prescription medication determined by their individual health plan.