William and Mary

2014 Trip Options

All trips cost $185. Price includes all food, travel and group equipment (tents and necessary cooking equipment)
All trips are offered in 2 sessions: 
Session 1: August 11 - 15
Session 2: August 18 - 22


Backpacking - Shenandoah National Park (16 spots/session)
Pathways Generic

This backpacking trip will take participants to Shenandoah National Park for a multi-day wilderness experience. Students will learn all of the necessary skills to be self-sufficient in a wilderness setting, including backcountry cooking and wilderness travel. Nights are spent camping out, talking with fellow incoming students and learning about college life.

Participants in the backpacking options will be expected to carry all of their personal belongings and their share of group gear along the trail. Packs could weigh as much as 40lbs and the terrain is challenging at times. Participants should be of good physical fitness and prepared to walk several miles a day. Two backpacking trips are offered during each set of Pathways trips.

Pathways Canoe
Whitewater Canoeing - James River (9 spots/session)

Our canoe trips take participants along Virginia's beautiful James River through the Lesesne State Forest for a truly unique experience. All of the necessary skills to have fun and be safe on the water will be taught and no prior paddling experience is necessary. The last day on the river takes us through a series of whitewater rapids. Google Balcony Falls!! 

While no previous paddling or outdoor experience is necessary, canoeing can be strenuous. Participant should be in good physical condition and prepared to be active for most of the day. The canoeing trip is offered during both sets of Pathways trips.

Rock ClimbingRock Climbing - George Washington National Forest (10 spots/session)

The climbing trip will provide students with the opportunity to develop a variety of climbing skills in multiple climbing areas throughout Virginia. All of the skills necessary to have a fun and safe climbing experience will be taught and no previous climbing experience is necessary. Participants will spend their days hiking and climbing, while learning about themselves and eachother. Each night, participants will camp out and develop wilderness living skills such as backcountry cooking.

While no previous climbing or outdoor experience is necessary, climbing can be strenuous. Participant should be in good physical condition and prepared to be active for most of the day.  The rock climbing trip is offered during both sessions of Pathways trips.

Explore Virginia (10 spots/session)Pathways wayspath

Our Explore Virginia trip offers participants a variety of single day adventures such as caving, hiking, and rock climbing. The Commonwealth has a lot to offer, so why not experience as much of it as possible?

No previous experience in the various activity areas is necessary. However, participants should be in good physical condition and prepared to be active for the majority of each day.  The Explore Virginia trip is offered during both sets of Pathways trips!


Note: Specific site locations for all trips are subject to change.