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How do I sign up for W&M Pathways?

Registration for Pathways 2014 opens up on May 1st.  To sign up for W&M Pathways, you will need to submit an online registration form. Once your online registration has been received, you will be sent the various program paperwork and payment instructions.

Please note that submitting an online registration form does not guarantee you a spot on one of our trips; you must receive a registration confirmation e-mail.

Can all first year students take part in W&M Pathways?

No. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to accommodate all incoming students. Registration for W&M Pathways is done on a first-come, first-served basis. Space is limited, so it's important to register early.

What type of equipment will I need for W&M Pathways?

This will depend on the trip you are going on. Once you have registered for a trip, you will be sent a detailed equipment list for your trip.

Is equipment available for rent?

Yes. The majority of specialized equipment is available for rent from the Tribe Adventure Program at no additional charge. However, these items are in limited supply and are first come first served. These items are marked on the equipment lists. Participants are responsible for providing all of their own clothing and personal items. Group gear is included on all trips (Tents and all necessary cooking equipment)

I’ve never gone on an outdoor trip before. Can I still sign-up?

Of course! W&M Pathways trips are open to all incoming students regardless of previous outdoor experience. However, our trips do require a certain level of physical fitness.  Backpacking participants will be carrying all of their supplies and equipment for three days several miles a day over uneven terrain. Likewise, other trip participants will be carrying various equipment over uneven terrain to access some activity areas.

When I arrive for check-in, can I move all of my things into my dorm room?

Well, that all depends. If you take part in the first set of trips from August 11th-15th you will not be able to move anything into your residence hall. For this reason, we recommend that incoming students who live within a few hours of Williamsburg to register for the first set of Pathways trips.

If you are taking part in the second set of Pathways trips from August 18th-22nd you most likely will be able to move items into your room. You may certainly bring everything you want to have at college with you, but the Office of Residence Life cannot guarantee that you will be able to put it directly into your room. Some residence halls will be ready for early check in and some will not.  We will not know which rooms will be ready until closer to the time of the trips. However, we can guarantee a secure location to store your belongings while you are on your trip. You can then move everything into your room upon your return.

Note** For Session 2 Trips only - If you are given access to your dorms, it is only temporary access. You will be given you dorm key upon check in at the Student Recreation Center. Check in goes from 8:00am - 10:00am only. You will need to return your key to the check in desk by 10am. 

Who will be leading my trip?

Your guides on your adventures are Trip Leaders with the Tribe Adventure Program (TAP) at William & Mary. All Trip Leaders are current students with a passion for the outdoors and who enjoy sharing that passion with others. Trip Leaders go through an extensive training process in several areas of wilderness travel and outdoor recreation and are required to have a current Wilderness First Aid certification. Aside from teaching about the outdoors, they are a great resource to learn about college life and the various opportunities available at W&M. 

Meet the Trip Leaders!

How does W&M Pathways help ease the transition to college?

W&M Pathways provides an opportunity for incoming students to connect with their peers and learn first-hand about college life at W&M before they ever set foot oncampus. Here's what some previous W&M Pathways participants had to say about the experience:

"William & Mary Pathways made the transition into college so much easier. I made a bunch of friends before even steppingoncampus, learned the ins and outs of the school from our Trip leaders, and really got a taste of how much fun college could be."

"Best way to start off college! AMAZING!"