Safety Officers

What is a Safety Officer?

Safety Officers are club members who are certified in First Aid and CPR. They are responsible for:

  • Ensuring that all club members have submitted a Waiver/Agreement to Participate.
  • Restocking the club's First Aid kit when necessary and ensuring it is present at all practices and events. First Aid Kits can be restocked with supplies from the Equipment Room in the Student Rec Center.
  • Being aware of the Sport Club Emergency Protocols (pdf) and filling out an Injury/Incidence Report (pdf) should an incident occur. A copy of the Emergency Protocols should be kept in the club's First Aid Kit and should be present at all practices and events.
  • Showing up! Every club must have at least two Safety Officers present at every club practice and event.

Each club must have a minimum of two people certified in CPR and First Aid present at every club practice and event. Failure to adhere to Safety Officer requirements will lead to termination of club activity, probation, and/or suspension.

Note: Safety Officers are the only club members who may check out keys to rooms in the Rec Center, Kaplan Arena, Busch Tennis Courts and the Busch fields.

How do I become a Safety Officer?

1.  Fill out a Form S via IMLeagues

2.  Take the Safety Officer Quiz on IMLeagues

3.  Email a scanned copy of your CPR/First Aid certifications when you have completed the quiz to If you have a physical copy of your certifications feel free to drop by the office and we will make a copy for our records. If you are not certified, you may contact the Campus Recreation front desk to see when the next available class is.        

4. Once you have completed these steps you are officially a Sport Club Safety Officer!