William and Mary

Sport Club Rosters

Keeping track of who is in your club

The sport club office maintains a roster for your club based on who has submitted a waiver.  Rosters also note who is a club offier, an authorized driver, and/or a safety officer for your club.  Please check your roster regularly, and especially before home or away events.  Only individuals listed on your roster may participate in club practices and events.

 Rosters are Excel (xls) format and are password protected.  Contact the [[rsclub,Sport Club Office]] if you do not know your club's password or if there are any issues with your roster.

Badminton Lacrosse (M) Surfing
Ballroom Dance Lacrosse (W) Swim
Baseball Martial Arts Synchro Swim
Basketball (M) Outdoors Table Tennis
Basketball (W) Racquetball Tae Kwon Do
BJJ Rock Climbing Tennis
Croquet Rowing Triathlon
Cycling Rugby (M) Ultimate (M)
Equestrian Rugby (W) Ultimate (W)
Fencing Running VIMS Sailling
Field Hockey Sailing Volleyball (M)
Golf SCUBA Volleyball (W)
Gymnastics Shotokan Water Polo
Ice Hockey Soccer (M) Wrestling
Judo Soccer (W)
Kendo Softball