William and Mary

Starting a New Sport Club

How to start a brand new club or re-activate a former club

The process for starting a new club or re-activating a club that has lost its status due to inactivity or suspension is the same. The entire process may take several weeks from start to finish, depending upon your organization and the time of year. You will need to follow these steps in order to apply for recognized club status:

  1. Learn the process for forming a new club by reading Chapter 2 of the Sport Club Manual (pdf).
  2. Contact [[w|rsclub,Sport Clubs]] with a brief proposal for your club. If your club seems as though it would be viable within the Sport Club program, you will be directed to continue with step 3 below. If, however, your proposal for a new club more aptly fits a definition of a student organization within Student Activities, you will be directed to contact the Student Activities Office with your proposal.
  3. If your proposal is deemed viable, you will need to write a constitution. Read Developing a Constitution: Helpful Tools in the Sport Club Manual to aid in this process.
  4. Complete Appendix N: New Club Request Form (pdf). When completing this form, you and your fellow officers will need to: demonstrate that there is sufficient interest, need, and organizational leadership for this club; provide evidence that the club is a true sport; provide a brief description as to your practice space requirements; and read and understand the safety guidelines found in Appendix S: Safety Officer Agreement (pdf). Read Chapter 2 of the Sport Club Manual for more detailed information regarding the New Club Request form.
  5. Complete Appendix O: Organizational Update Form. This form will eventually go on file with Student Activities.
  6. Submit all documents to Steve Robinson in the Campus Recreation Office. Documents may be hand-delivered, sent through campus mail, or emailed as attachments to [[w|rsclub]].
  7. Within a few days, you will receive feedback on your proposal and instructed to make revisions, if necessary.
  8. Once approved by Campus Recreation, then your constitution will be sent to the Student Activities office for final approval.
  9. Once final approval has been given by the Student Activities office, you will have access to a club email account and website.
  10. Before beginning any activity, you will need to meet with the Sport Club Office to clarify policies and procedures within the Sport Club program.