Home Events

When planning your club's home events, follow these steps...
A. Home Activity / Event Registration
  1. Plan your home events as far in advance as possible (preferably at least 1-2 months, but no later than 7 business days in advance). The farther in advance you plan, the better chance you have of securing a desired facility.
    • If requesting Busch Turf or Busch Tennis Courts, be sure to first check field availability on the Athletics Schedule
    • Important: the Athletics Schedule will display only home games, outside group rentals, and special events; it will not typically show varsity practices. 
      There is a chance that even if the facility and desired time seem available on the schedule, it might be occupied by a varsity practice (this does not typically occur on weekends, but it does happen on occasion). In this case, the desired date would typically be confirmed, but your desired time may be affected. 
      Submit your request nonethless, as we will confirm the availability of your desired time with athletics and get back to you with a time confirmation.
  2. Register your event online several weeks in advance using Form A: Event Registration. This form also serves as your facility request for your home event. Home Activity Registrations must be specific as to date, time, and preferred facility so that we may work to secure that space. You will receive confirmation of your facility request within a few days.

    Note: Late Activity Registrations will not receive facilities, nor will they be officially recognized or sanctioned by Campus Recreation. Also, it is highly unlikely that you will receive any facilities if you wait until the registration deadline to submit Appendix A. Registration deadlines for home events are due seven business days prior to the start date of the event.

  3. Check the registered event database after 5:00pm on the first Thursday following your submission. This will help to ensure your registration has been received and entered into the database.
    • Confirmation of facilities is indicated in column "A", and the actual facility is listed in column "I"
    • If it does not say "confirmed" next to your event in column "A", it means we are still working on securing you the requested space. Sometimes this process may take up to two weeks, depending on the facility and varsity athletics' schedule.
B. Several Weeks Before Your Activity / Event:
  1. Submit your equipment request directly to the [[equipctr, Campus Recreation Equipment Center]].
  2. Go through the Home Event Checklist (pdf) several weeks before your event to make sure you are prepared with everything you need to have a successful event. This form will help you know when to arrange for pick-up of equipment (field liners, coolers, tables, etc), and checking your equipment to make sure it is in working condition.
  3. Check and update your club roster. Only club members on the official roster may participate in club activities.
C. After your Activity / Event
  1. After your event, complete a detailed report of the club's activity using Form C: Event ReportEvent Reports are due by Wednesday at 7:00pm.
  2. We want your pictures! Send your high resolution digital photos to the Sport Club Office.