Sunset Paddle on Lake Matoaka
September 14
September 28
October 26

Located right on campus, we'll head to Lake Matoaka for some paddling by the light of the moon!


Day Paddle in the Upper James River
September 30

Grab a pal and a paddle for a cruise along the Upper James with the Tribe Adventure Program. Transportation and essential gear is provided. $15.

Canoe & Camping at the Great Dismal Swamp
Oct. 28-29

Forbidding as its name may be, the Great Dismal Swamp is one of the few natural American gems remaining in the East. Despite its impressive size, it remains a mystery to most people. Join TAP as we explore its secrets. We’ll drive down Saturday morning, and then start paddling once we arrive. We’ll launch into the historic Dismal Swamp Canal, which is part of The Inter Coastal Water Way that George Washington built. From there, we follow the Feeder Ditch through the Refuge to the spillway that runs to the lake. From the spillway it is only a quarter mile to the lake. We’ll paddle north along the eastern shore of the lake where we’ll see hundreds of Cypress trees growing just off shore creating an obstacle course for those who want to search for dry land. We return along the same course and land at the campground where we’ll stay for the night. Overall, we will paddle 10 to 12 miles and go at a leisurely pace. On Sunday morning, we’ll breakdown camp, paddle out, and drive to the Visitor’s Center where we can do a short hike on one of the swamp’s trails. We’ll return home Sunday afternoon.


CCC - Canoe/Camp/Climb at the James River and Manchester Wall
November 11-12

The perfect TAP triad. We're off to RVA for a weekend of camping, canoeing on the James River, and Climbing at Manchester Wall.


Canoeing in a Local Creek
November 19

Come along for a paddle that is not far from campus. Exact route to be revealed.