Backpacking. Hiking. Camping.

Camping on the River at Chickahominy Riverfront Park
September 16-17

A short 10-minute drive from campus, this local camping spot is nestled on the banks of the Chickahominy River. Perfect trip for first time campers or anyone in need of a quick getaway.

Beach Adventure to Oregon Inlet (Outer Banks, NC)
September 29-October 1

TAP is heading to the beach for a three day excursion near the Cape Hatteras National Seashore in North Carolina. Enjoy sea kayaking and time to lounge around the fall brushed beach. 


FALL BREAK: Backpacking in the Smoky Mountains
Oct. 13-16

De-stress over Fall Break by trekking with TAP! You'll spend four days beyond the bricks enjoying the incredible fall colors of the Smoky Mountains. The Tribe Adventure program will guide you on hikes through the Mountains-to-Sea Trail in Pisgah National Forest during the day. At night, you'll camp out with the guidance of our experienced (and super cool) Trip Leaders! Perfect for out of state students or anyone who doesn't make the trip home during the break.

The Fall Break trip heads out Saturday, camps overnight, and takes off into the woods the following morning carrying everything you’ll need for the next day and a half on your back. Beginners welcome, but please be able to carry 40-50 lbs on your back and walk long distances. Trail/route is near Wake Forest, NC. Essential camping gear, food, and transportation is provided.

Via Ferrata & Camp at Nelson Rocks, West Virginia
Oct. 14-15

TAP Trip Leaders will guide you through an incredibly scenic route while secured on the mountain sides of Nelson Rocks. The via ferrata (Italian for “iron way”) is a mountain route equipped with steel cables, ladders, and other fixed anchors, for example wooden walkways and suspended bridges. Our highly skilled trip leaders will guide you along the mountain side on a secured course, while tethered to steel cables. Still not sure? Watch it here. Transportation and essential gear is provided. 

Canoe & Camping at the Great Dismal Swamp
Oct. 28-29

Forbidding as its name may be, the Great Dismal Swamp is one of the few natural American gems remaining in the East. Despite its impressive size, it remains a mystery to most people. Join TAP as we explore its secrets. We’ll drive down Saturday morning, and then start paddling once we arrive. We’ll launch into the historic Dismal Swamp Canal, which is part of The Inter Coastal Water Way that George Washington built. From there, we follow the Feeder Ditch through the Refuge to the spillway that runs to the lake. From the spillway it is only a quarter mile to the lake. We’ll paddle north along the eastern shore of the lake where we’ll see hundreds of Cypress trees growing just off shore creating an obstacle course for those who want to search for dry land. We return along the same course and land at the campground where we’ll stay for the night. Overall, we will paddle 10 to 12 miles and go at a leisurely pace. On Sunday morning, we’ll breakdown camp, paddle out, and drive to the Visitor’s Center where we can do a short hike on one of the swamp’s trails. We’ll return home Sunday afternoon.

Backpacking at Old Rag Mountain, VA
Nov. 4-5

Join TAP in our valiant charge up one of the great fortresses (mountains) of Virginia. And when we say charge, we mean a hike that requires NO prior experience, and in fact, encourages new comers to join in the march! Old Rag has been called the most photographed summits in Virginia, and for good reason, as the prize at the top is a truly breathtaking view of the area. We will set out Saturday morning, set up camp once we arrive, hike Old Rag Saturday afternoon, camp overnight, and return Sunday morning!


CCC - Canoe/Camp/Climb at the James River and Manchester Wall
November 5-6

The perfect TAP triad. We're off to RVA for a weekend of camping, canoeing on the James River, and Climbing at Manchester Wall.