Fall 2015 Patron Wellness Incentive Program

Fall 2015 Incentive Program: Walk it Out! 

Monday September 14-Friday October 23, 2015

About the Program

Start the academic year off right by stepping up your physical activity and mental attitude – literally! Sign up for the W&M Campus Recreation’s FREE Patron Incentive Program. Join the William & Mary community as we embrace walking as a great and easy way to incorporate physical activity into our daily routine. Together we will use pedometers to log our weekly steps as we “Walk it Out”!

How does it work?

The objectives of this program are aimed at encouraging people to move more and find a healthy outlet for stress relief. When in doubt, just STEP!

  • S: Socialize! Physical activity should be fun and enjoyable. Through our weekly Mindful Walks, participants will be able to meet people and make new friends who are on the same fitness journey as them.
  • T: Teach! One of the goals is to educate the William & Mary community more about the healthy benefits of walking.
  • E: Explore! Walking around campus and beyond will help you discover another side of William & Mary that you may not have known before.
  • P: Progress! Not only does this program encourage participants to engage in more physical activity, but it also encourages them to engage in self-monitoring practices that can help in other aspects of daily life.

Prizes will be given throughout the duration of the incentive program! Every registered participant who reaches up to 150,000 steps will receive a pair of sunglasses. Additional prizes will be given to the participants who log even more steps and reach the following tiers:

250,000 steps = Gatorade workout towel

375,000 steps = Hot/Cold packs

500,000 steps = Nalgene water bottle

 The top 10 participates who log the most steps over the course of the program will be entered into a door prize drawing for the following prizes: a gift certificate for a 60-minute massage session, a spring semester fitwell pass, a Rec Center gym bag, a beach tote, or a gift certificate to one of the surrounding restaurants in Colonial Williamsburg!

Logging Weekly Steps

You may either keep a running total of your weekly number of steps or add up your daily steps for the entire week. Regardless of whether or not you reset your pedometers, please log your total number of steps for the week online by 11:59pm on Sunday evening in order to have these steps added to your overall total.You can keep track of your weekly steps using the free pedometer provided by Campus Recreation or you can use your own personal step-logging device, such as a Fitbit.

Weekly Mindful Walks

Over the course of the six-week incentive program, the incentive program coordinator will be leading a weekly Mindful Walk every Friday afternoon at 5:30pm. These walks will start at the W&M Campus Recreation Center and range from approximately 45 minutes to an hour in length. This event is a great way to stay motivated as well as socialize with other members of the William & Mary community as we explore campus and the surrounding area!

In the event of unfortunate weather, a rain plan will go into effect so that participants still have the opportunity to join in the weekly Mindful Walk.


Sign up online and your pedometer will be available for pick up at the Rec Center front desk the next day after 12:00pm! Registration opens August 31st and will close September 25th.