Spring 2015 Patron Wellness Incentive Program

A New Year and a Healthier You: Spring into Health and Fitness!

Febuary 9-March 5, 2015

Registration for this program is closed.

About the Program

This spring join the patron incentive program and start the new year off right. Develop valuable lifestyle changes and dedicate February to making healthy habits stick! Together we will work on self-monitoring using the Fitbit website and app to log our daily exercise and food and water intake! Learn to eat a balanced diet composed of the appropriate percentages of Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Fats, as well as ensure you are drinking and moving enough every day

How does it work?

Participants in the 4 week program will keep a daily food and exercise log using the Fitbit website and app! Setting up an account is free so visit fitbit.com to create an account. 

Every Sunday by 11:59 pm fill out the google form with the stats from your week. In order to be eligible for prizes at the end of the program, participants must complete all four weeks of logging.

Week 1: Objective is based on monitoring water consumption

Week 2: Objective is based on monitoring a well balanced diet and food consumption using my www.myplate.gov

Week 3: Objective is based on monitoring exercise and physical activity

Week 4: Objective is to maintain a complete log each day of the week- logging all three components: food, water, and exercise. 

In addition, there will be optional weekly challenges that center around water intake, balanced diet, or exercise.

Completing 1 weekly challenge qualifies the participant for tier 1 prizes (Nalgene Water bottles while supplies last, Gatorade bottles, $5 off services at the Student Recreation Center, etc.).

Completing 2 weekly challenges qualifies for tier 2 prizes (Gift certificates, Long sleeved Campus Rec T-shirt).

Completing 3 weekly challenges qualifies for tier 3 prizes (Gift certificates, Beach towel, or a Canvas Tote Bag).

Completing all 4 weekly challenges qualifies for tier 4 (30 minute massage, Personal Training sessions, Gym bag, Fitwell pass, etc.). 

All prizes will be handed out after Spring Break, and depending on the tier of qualification, participants may choose one of the options listed above. 

Questions? Contact Abby Hollister at alhollister@email.wm.edu.